Cali Swag District Grieving Sudden Passing Of Member ” Cahron “JAYARE” Childs




Many are familiar with the group that took the summer by storm in 2010 CALI SWAG DISTRICT“. Hitting the radio waves with the catchy tune ” TEACH ME HOW TO DOUGIE”  and then taking it even further with the incredible remix featuring The original DOUGIE master himself,  DOUGIE FRESH they shot to stardom after being Discovered by DEATH ROW RECORDS artists Big Wy and Darrod Potts. Although the single broke airwaves , it also had a little controversy due to the fact that DALLAS Artist D WILL had too released a song of similar nature entitled” MY DOUGIE” a year or so prior. However this did not stop the group from taking over the club scenes, party scenes, commercial scenes or award shows. They quickly became a  fan favorite. With fresh looks, edgy personalities and the ability to outdance many , they won the girls hearts. The release of their much-anticipated album KICK BACK was released through capitol records and after

charting much success, the album still met many push backs, causing the group to sever ties with capitol and sign with another label. I was able to experience them live, and meet them with their huge personalities when they toured with CHRIS BROWN in 2009, and I will always remember that moment. But with all the success and adoration from the public.  The group was met with a sudden and devastating tragedy, when member Montae “MBONE” Talbert 22 years old, was victim to a drive by shooting while sitting outside a store in his car, resulting in being shot twice in the head, where he later succumbed to his injuries at near by hospital. After this we didn’t hear much from the group as they privately grieved the loss.   As of recent, member Yung has been touring UK performing and gearing up for the member’s release JULY 4th WE ARE NOT THE SAME as well as in December JAYARE released his mix tape F.T.B.S. Only to be presented with yet another Sudden loss. This one Of member 25 year old Cahron ” JAYARE” Childs.  JayAre Battled with Sickle Cell Anemia,  was rushed to the hospital Thursday due to unknown reasons, and shortly after passed away from cardiac arrest /complications of Sickle Cell. Leaving Now 2 Surviving Members DJ C Smooth & YUNG.


Death. What a somber word. No matter how expected or sudden it is never an easy thing to experience. And although it is inevitable it will always be something NO one is truly prepared for. We all get so wrapped up in being successful and achieving so many things that we can get lost in the MOMENT. We only have one thing guaranteed to us and that is the present. The next is not promised nor can we predict when our last one will come, but its important to live every day to the fullest as if it is the last one you encounter. Make your presence count. Make it your charity. Give joy, happiness, and love to every single person you encounter no matter the differences, because in the end that is all that one will remember. How you made them feel in that moment they were in your presence. These young men above everything lived a full life together and separately. And in 4 short years lived a lifetime worth of experiences. Memories they will always have, and many shared with us. Even though 2 members passed with 2 total different circumstances, the hurt that loved ones, fans, friends and acquaintances feel is the same. Lets remember that people have battles, everyday we have no idea about, They come out with smiles, but we have no idea what they are feeling or dealing with inside, lets not be so critical of others but instead love them just because they exist. Live life and LOVE abundantly. MY Prayers are with the family and members at this time.



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