Journey To Better Phase 2- Day 3- Embrace The Power In Being A Woman : Why KeKe Palmer Makes Us Proud to Be A Woman.


Today is day 3 of the Journey to Better Cleanse & detox Challenge, and as ive stated before the original Journey to better for me was a very very personal one. I didn’t share much of my journey partly because i didn’t realize it was one, I just knew that I was in such a very dark place, full of heaviness and in a place of numbness. I had lost myself. The world on the outside could see nothing was wrong, but i knew. So i made the decision to shut everyone out, and really dig deep. I wrote out all my goals, dreams, fears and  began the process of finding myself from inside out, I went through an entire process of detox, and during this time I had just completed filming for Our Documentary, and after doing so many interviews, and speaking to young girls, i realized through my hurt, fears, disappointments and so much more I had found my my purpose. I had the gift of reaching people, helping people feel empowered, but there was just one issue…..I hadnt yet mastered the art of self, and this left me incomplete and broken. I went on a journey that spanned over 6 months, I changed my eating habits, worked out,

 removed the people who were draining me, set goals, created a vision board of my aspirations, traveled and fought to became who i was meant to be, not who the world expected me to be. In the process I lost over 50 pounds of not only physical weight, but also mental, emotional and spiritual bondage. Suddenly I re surfaced, as a new woman, I had fallen in love with myself and had no desire to search anywhere else to supplement the love I had found for myself. Man! So This time, i decided, its time to take it up a notch, and after so many people reached out to me for mentorship, or asking how i did it, what kept me determined or even why?, I decided as i began to transition to a new phase , why not bring others along,inspire them to be amazing and who better to show them they can do it than me, someone who actually did it. So today is Day 3 and the focus is on finding the way to embracing your true power, being a woman! I know, with society setting the standards rather low at the intergrity and power of being women, it is really easy to get distracted and lose yourself, or rather never be introduced to yourself at all. We are more than sex objects, even though our sensuality is a very powerful tool, it should never become part of the bargain to respect. Knowledge is truly a sexy amazing thing, and single handed  probably the most powerful thing we as women possess. If only we would opt to using it, and sharpening that tool

Often as women it has become the “normalcy” to degrade , disrespect, down talk, and create a battle field for each other , and Im not only speaking from men. Mostly from other women. We have such a hard time embracing, congratulating and partnering with other powerful women, not because they don’t exist, but because we have created this stigma and mentality that there can not be more than one amazing, talented, beautiful, successful woman with attention at one time. It is as if beating each other down,verbally, physically, emotionally and spiritually makes us feel better and empowered the most, which is really sad, because it actually shows how weak, miserable, and unsuccessful we are in our own lives. I have created a ritual and its rather simple now that i think about it, but i do know it takes courage to do so.

I strive to tell a woman each day how amazing she is, how beautiful she is, when she is down, i find encouraging words to bring her up, when she is being negative, i bring positivity to the topic, how does this help me? Well thats pretty simple, you see it helps me by helping them. Because I am happy, I love seeing others happy, I love to see people enjoying life and chasing their dreams and actually breaking barriers. It really shows where you are as a woman. Simply amazing. And whats better is that Its all genuine, with no need for reciprocation.

So today, I want to say KeKe Palmer who is one of many women i actually adore, I love her and she makes me extremely proud to be a woman. Not because she is on t.v, not because she is in the limelight or any of the superficial things such as looks or finacial status. She makes me proud to be a woman, because When i see her, I see I am not the only woman with dreams, not the only woman who loves diversity, embraces my imperfections, breaks barriers, and has a desire to share greatness with others. As a woman in her early 20’s she gives me hope that I am not the only one fighting for the generations to come, I am not the only woman striving to make younger girls know that you are more than what is between your legs, but everything in your brain. You are everything you think you are, and can be anything you desire to be, if you only believe and strive to make it happen. KeKe has broken barriers, she has created a platform for the generation of women who felt alone, or different, and made no apologies for being a woman. So today I celebrate You KEKE! Congratulations on becoming not only the youngest woman to have your own talk show, BUT also Breaking a barrier and becoming the first ever African American Cinderella on BROADWAY! You deserve every achievement you receive and much more! Thank you for making me proud of being a WOMAN.

Today is your day, to make yourself proud. Set some goals, create an action plan, and make the decision to achieve it. You must hold yourself accountable for being a trailblazer in this world. It doesn’t matter what your desires are, you don’t have to be a celebrity, or a billionaire. Whatever your passion is, whether its, cooking, teaching, writing, singing, dancing, painting, or whatever it is you want to be or do, it is never too late to do it! Just make the decision.


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