Journey to Better Phase 2- Day 4- Remove the Clutter!



Lets face it, we have goals  we want to achieve and things we desire to have in life but there are a few things holding us back. Old Hurt, old baggage from childhood, anger issues, lack of self-control, lack of organizational skills, no actual plan of how to work towards the goals you want set, home is chaotic, lacking stability, old traditions, phone log full of too many ” In case of  people”  You know the ones, you call in case you are drunk texting,or in case you are bored, or in case you wanna gossip, etc so on. Not that these things feed into your life to assist in growth, but because they “Fill” your life to take up the empty space you can’t figure out within yourself to actual address. Those are stand by drainers. As dysfunctional as they may be , and  no matter how  miserable you may be around them, you can’t get enough. Well this is the reason you cant become who you are destined to become, because you refuse to release the ties that bind you to  you a comfortable place. You would rather be around and within familiarity oppose to adapting to the unfamiliar because it seems more relatable. Imagine how much better you would feel if you actually achieved the things you say you want to do. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well let me give you some tips that helped me, I wont act as if it was easy because it was not, but it was necessary and worth it!


    • Change your perception of who you think you are– You have to get rid of the programmed thoughts on what you think you know about yourself, because until you do, you will only be able to go as far as your mind allows.

  • Clean your house I’m not saying it’s dirty but ….It is filled with unnecessary things, such as old clothes, dishes, furniture, too much furniture, too many clothes, too many people in your house etc. Your home should be a breath of fresh air, open, clean and crisp, nothing is welcoming when its congested and too closed in with too much stuff. Deal with that emotional hurt you wont let go of  because you think it hurts the other person more if you keep it, you are bitter because of it, they are living, let it go!
  • Delete not useful phone numbers, texts etc– stop scrolling through looking at old past texts of people you don’t even talk to anymore, delete ( and don’t  keep them in a safe way box either) 🙂 hopeful wishing, thinking and reminiscing will keep you unhappy, single and drained!
  • Organize your kitchen, closet, etc– order is necessary, your living, working space is   a reflection of you and your mind
  • Organize you finances go through your statements see how much you spend and calculate the necessities, you will get a much bigger perspective of where your money goes and set a budget( you can tell everything you need to know about a person by who they talk to for no reason at all, where they spend their money ,the conversations they keep, & how they carry themselves ))
  • Create a vision board –organize your thoughts, set some goals & out an action plan together to make it happen
  • CLOSE YOUR LEGS!!– No Sex! Ok if you are married, this may not work much for you, but single people, especially my ladies, there is so much i wish you understood about sharing your bodies. I can go on and on about this subject but that’s another topic, but i will say this, every time you have sex with a person you are giving them direct access to your soul directly through your womb. Every time you are done, they deposit a piece of their soul into your body, leaving you most times drained if they are a broken, incomplete soul carrier or can cause you to be completely overwhelmed with unfamiliar emotions, and changes in your personality because once again, they have deposited a piece of their brokenness into you. It is very important that you gain control of your mental ,spiritual  and emotional state in order to transition into  your next phase.You can not do this with the constant battling of multiple deposits through your womb. Intercourse is a beautiful thing when it is fulfilling beyond sexual nature. Mental stimulation is so much better, you owe it to yourself to purify your spirit inside and out.
  • Make a list of things you love about yourself-Build on this, often we focus so much on the negative things that we leave little room for appreciating the great parts of ourselves.



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