Journey To Better Phase 2- Day 7- Put It All Into Perspective, & Evaluate Progress.

We are Now On Day  7 Of Journey To Better Phase 2! I am beyond Excited! You should be happy for yourself! Trust me this journey is not by any means easy, I mean who said completely cleansing yourself inside and out would be?

I know you thought It would be all about just working off fat and toning huh! LOL. Well it all depends on how you look at it, internally you are filled with toxins, fat, and so much more and what you see outwardly is a mirror of that. So the only way to obtain life changing results and completely change your habits, you must first change your perspective and get to the reason you ended up in this stage of your life in the first place. So detox is definetly a body cleanse,however its includes the total body, inside and out. Once you have clear understanding on what needs to change, you will

then succeed at what you have to do to make that change happen. WE are not into quick fixing. This is a lifestyle change, however these 30 days are your kickstarts. You can implement these daily agendas everyday of your life once completed, as a matter of fact I recommend that, because you dont completely heal and forgive or move forward in one day,I mean realistically you should but logically its just not how it happens. It took me a total of almost 2 years to actually come into who I am, which is why I am not on phase 2, even though by month 3 I saw amazing results, overall in all areas. The cleansing does not stop,once i achieve one goal its on to the next one, constant evolution is where ultimate happiness, success and longevity comes from.

So today I want you to look over each agenda, take in what you have discovered and learned , and put together your action plan for the healing process! Tomorrow Starts Week 2!I Cant wait! Im Proud Of you!!



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