Journey To Better Phase 2 Has ended: But Phase 3 Has begun!! Sept 1-31st find out how Phase 2 has helped me!


First I would like to say I have the best supporters ever! You guys are truly amazing and really make my heart smile! When I originally began this Journey to better challenge, it wasn’t for public as I previously stated, I didn’t even consider it a challenge, it was more of a detox because of everything I had been going through I needed change. This year marks year 2 of my journey to better & it has been completely liberating! People began asking how I lost weight and what I did because of the change they saw on the inside, but I honestly hadn’t been able to fully focus on the weight loss physically because I was so excited about what I was feeling inwardwise. Shortly after I was suddenly inspiring so many people to join me, only I hadn’t actually put any blue print together. So Journey to Better Phase 2 is just that. Its different things that helped me on my original journey that all contributed to overall success for me, mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically.

Its important that you understand that overall health does not began with just losing weight. I mean don’t get me wrong it is a good start but it is not the main thing. Hence the reason so many lose weight and gain it back, in most case double time! Your relationship with your self, is so important, because it affects your views of food, life, love, happiness and your overall growth as a person in general.  Below are the things Ive learned :

  • I made the decision to commit to loving myself
  • released the things I thought I knew about myself, traditionally, emotionally etc. Learned my true history
  • Focused on health, wellness, and redefined my relationship with food
  • Forgave myself & others for what I thought had hurt me or held me back from progression
  • changed the way I spoke ( all negative thoughts, people, things I allowed in my life I removed it)
  • created vision boards w/goals & action plan on achieving it
  • became my own accountability partner-held myself responsible for achieving what I said I wanted
  • Found my purpose and defined my own relationship with God , minus religion
  • worked out, ate clean, studied veganism, vegetarian and implemented bits of each in my routine

amongst so many other things: check below links for post


Now with all the comments and people who are so inspired with my journey I have decided to extend it for another 30 days!! I am so excited that you inspired and I look forward to helping you all even more on your journey to better and I thank you for being apart of mine! On phase  3 we will focus on health and fitness! Getting healthy, staying fit & determining what your healthy really is and how to get there and stay there! Remember I want to see your results!! I believe in you! See you all soon!!


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