Journey To Better Phase 3- Day 11- Meet My New Favorite Nutritional Bloggers!


Hello Everyone! I hope each and everyone is maintaining their goals on their #JourneyToBetter Phase 3 challenge, and if you are just starting out I hope you have put together your vision boards w/ action plans and have your accountability partners in place to help you along the way!

By now you all know that I too have been on my own journey to better phase 3 challenge and much like phase 1 for me, this includes not only mental, emotional & spiritual detox and cleansing but also physical as well. So far I have gotten extremely close to my Goal weight, but of course we all know how we when reach one milestone it encourages you to keep going. I am no different I have lost 50 pounds since beginning my journey however I am now toning and doing other core exercises to reach my overall goals. But even with that being said I absolutely LOVE the results. Not only in a physical sense but because for every pound lost in physical weight was 2-3 pounds of weight released, emotionally, mental & spiritually. So I am really excited and proud of myself for making the decision to be healthy overall for me. Now let me say this, IT was NOT overnight, NOR was it easy breezy, this took work as anything long-lasting does.  So if you are currently battling with your transition and you are not sure if it is actually worth it, TRUST me it is! You are not in this alone, you have thousands of supporters and so many need you reach your goals , so you can be an example to others that anything is possible. Besides you need to prove to yourself that everything is possible.

So you have your vision board, action plan, agenda and overall goals set. You even have the tennis shoes, gym membership, ideal goal weight in mind and your current photos of how you look now,the scale, measuring tape and water bottle, you are all set right? WRONG! Yes give yourself a high-five, pat on the back, and a smiley face for actually doing the hardest part needed to making this transformation a success! Making the decision and actually having the willpower to actually do it. But another very important part that many forget about and do not plan for is the nutritional part. 80% of your lifestyle change and overall healthy results are based on your food intake. What to eat, what not to eat, whats ok to have in moderation, how much water to drink, etc so on. These things are so important. As you all know i am now a new member of an amazing organization that includes other amazing bloggers, with so many different perspectives and so much insight on a variety of things including my favorite topics, Nutrition and Food! 🙂 ( Healthy Of course).

thefittestfuel-150x150Meet Heather HeefnerFounder Creator & Developer of The Fittest Fuel Nutrition Specialist & Ambassador. Heather is a Registered & Licensed Dietitian who specializes in Eating disorders, weight management, food allergies ,Sports nutrition and so much more! She is extremely passionate about the overall wellness of an individual and she has the ability to provide you with many options that are based on your needs and personal goals. Need help with meal plans, Kids nutrition, recipes or just plan need help getting serious about your food intake. SHE can help you. With her convenient Skype sessions, phone calls and or personal one on one meetings there is no reason why you can get started asap! We all know how important it is to have support and a firm foundation set while on your weight-loss/healthy living journey especially with such busy lifestyles and responsibilities, so don’t hesitate to partner with as many supportive people who you can. Reach out to Heather today and tell her i said hello 🙂 I’m sure she will take very good care of you!



Meet Meseidy-  Owner, Creator & Food Ambassador of The Noshery!  

Meseidy is a dedicated and passionate chef, caterer, meal creator etc., who has worked with many brands including but not limited to  Bush’s baked beans.  Her innovative approach to creating meals are what makes people so interested in what she has to offer, and her creations definitely give you a different outlook on food. With tasty, satisfying & not so heavy meal options you can still feel good about what you are putting in your body. Originally from Puerto Rico, she is sure to add a little zest into each meal prep, which are always made from scratch may I add!. Also for everyone who may need a few ideas on decorating or redefining your home, she has some incredible advice/options  as well! Im sure you will enjoy your visit, so don’t hesitate to contact her and tell her I said hello!



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