Remembering Joanne Borgella ( Season 7 American Idol Contestant and Wilhelmina Model Diagnosed with Cancer …Passes Away

joanne borgellsjoanne Borgella

Joanne Borgella, 32 Years Old, was diagnosed with Cancer in October 2013 and after recently battling with painful headaches was told the cancer had spread  It is never an easy pill to swallow when you know of someone who is facing a horrible illness, and it is even harder when you find out that this person so full of life, beautiful, talented and extremely optimistic about the outcome of the illness passes away. I mean yes we all know that once you hear those words, “You have CANCER”, that there is a possibility if even a slight one that you may not live through it, but then there is still that small piece of you that hopes that you will. Many ask Why & How this could happen to someone so young and vibrant yet still  be faced with such a horrible deadly illness. Well while i have many questions, I choose to remember the impact I had on her spirit if even for a moment while she lived. Last October I wrote about Joanne’s journey and battle with cancer, and at that time she had just released a video about her diagnosis, even though her outer appearance seemed to be in good spirits to the naked eye, her eyes said something different. She was afraid, but yet still hopeful and her sharing her journey with the world wasn’t just about sharing with her fans, no, it was about her having the courage to accept this journey that had been placed upon her, it was her way of speaking hope into herself even more than it was about the fans, cause the truth is,

she is who faced this illness, she would have to go through the mental, emotional and spiritual battles while dealing with all the complications of an illness beyond her own control. In spite of all of this she continued to smile, laugh and love freely while still holding on to her hope. You see what is so inspiring about Joanne is not just that  she faced this disease, but that in everything she faced she never allowed the reality of what her situation looked like to break her spirit. I am beyond honored that I gave her flowers while she lived. No not regular flowers , I allowed my spirit, my words and genuine care for a woman who up until that moment had never met be shared, and guess what she received it, and it touched her and for the moment she read my words, they resignated with her soul and made that moment just a little brighter. So even though I’m saddened, I feel good because she knew she was loved, she lived a life and didn’t have to die wondering if she meant anything to anyone, because it was evident that she was loved by so many all over. Her legacy will never be forgotten,her spirit or soothing voice will never be forgotten and the way many made her feel during the hardest time in her life will live with her forever.

Life is only as short as you make it, It no longer is about the number of years , its the amount of life you live in those years that count. How many lives you change, how many people you uplift, how much good you leave in the world by the seeds you plant. Live Life, Love hard, and don’t ever take a moment for-granted, there is always a moment to be better . So much time we waste on negative energy, negative people, and for many you are the negative person. Angry, bitter, cruel, searching for blogs to leave negative comments on or engage in the negative post or social bullying. LIFE IS TOO SHORT to live a life where you plant nothing but soul-less seeds! Your voice matters, and whether it is a good or bad voice you share, you will affect someones life. Be amazing !

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