The truth about why I hate the title ” Blogger” and It’s Negative Impact in Society ………


So many have asked me where I have been and when is my book coming out, when are more projects coming and what am I planning next………Well First let me say this… I cant believe i am actually writing a book let alone writing an authentic no holds barred type of book, but its coming, its all about timing, with so many new things being released I had to balance some things but can I be honest with you…I mean REALLY honest for a second…?

I am not a normal person. Despite being in the public eye I am an introvert, I love hard and give alot of myself but I am very selective with whom I share space and energy with. I am not a group thinking type of woman, not monolithic at all. I have a  love hate relationship for social media and media as a whole, For years I battled writing. Like the thought of actually writing exactly what i felt frightened me. Not because I didn’t think I would be good at it or because I thought people would like it or not. The truth is i never wanted to care if they did or not. I hated the media, truth is I am still not a huge fan of it,

don’t like the mentality of our society and the fact that so many are so afraid of being anything other than what society says they should be just to “maintain” or belong or better yet survive. I never wanted to care so much about what people thought because I knew mentally they never intended on grasping it. I battled with the fear of losing myself because of how I saw myself  being so consumed with what THEY think because truth is I was my Shero. I was BRAVE, BOLD, and unapologetic,however i also knew I am ever changing, always growing and evolving and I would always make mistakes and no matter what I wanted to embrace them, I didn’t want that vision distorted, because of money, popularity, or social status. I understood the media to be a negative cave full of miserable people, who tear each other down, socially , mentally, class wise etc. & I wanted no part of it. So i Withdrew, i removed myself so that I could get a hold of what I really wanted out of life while following my purpose.

Now i get it ……I finally get it, My vision and purpose is to be exactly that different entity that brings honest integrity to modern society. I will continue to PUSH buttons, be fearless, kick down boundaries be revolutionary and vocal while educating myself and others on every chance I get in all areas, . no exceptions. I no longer care about transforming the stance of society, I am more focused on planting the seed that will, because that lasts longer. I will Build people up no matter the situation, help them to feel better about themselves and evolve as humans differently as a unit. I am not like other bloggers, I will NEVER conform or reduce myself to that, negative, hateful writer whose only purpose is to destroy spirits, report on the bad things whether factual or not only  for a like, comment, view or dollar. Oh No.. I change lives, I help people, I inspire people, I actually genuinely care for the well being of people and who doesn’t want the freedom to do that?

I say that to say this…..My book, my life, my projects, my artistry will always be authentic, It will push buttons, both unintentionally and intentionally, I will only associate with individuals that compliment that spirit in me, I will continue to not be attached to anything otherwise. Im a free spirit yet a structured one ( Oxymoron I know) and unable to be defined by any standard, box or label I’m attempted to be put in. So…….Welcome to My World…..Well our world I should say..

…I thank each and everyone of you who are equally inspired by me, because it is because of all of you that I work so hard to be the best version of me, so i can inspire each of you to do the same. You all are incredible. You are unique, brave courageous and individually packaged with a journey of your own, do not ever be ashamed of that! Do not ever run or hide from that, there is no competition, no one can be a better you so OWN that. I was deemed the Dallas Hope Dealer, not because its a cute name but because i am focused on being truly innovative and bringing out the best version in each of you! Im rooting for you, with you! We will do this!

‪#‎BMichavery‬ ~The Dallas Hope Dealer!

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