Dont allow the perspective of what other’s think is “right” detour you from what you “know” is right for you.

The truth is people only believe in how powerful God is based on the power he has exercised in their lives. You will see how strong their belief in him doing the unthinkable in the most unorthodox way is by how they react to what he chooses to do through you. The problem is people think they know God so well that they can predict how ,when, why & where he chooses to bless someone else, and the beauty of my God is he shows out and leaves them gasping for air every single time. Stop saying what God wont do & wouldn’t do in someone else’s life just because it doesn’t align with your biased thoughts, views or sheltered understanding. God doesn’t think like you anticipate he would, and arent we all glad about it. 

When people say things like God didn’t make you a certain way or God wouldn’t do that, or God didn’t lead you that way ,I am immediately reminded of just how disconnected they are from the God I am in a relationship with. The God I am ever learning about based on his word and who he has shown himself to be in my life, does unorthodox things, he has shown countless times that no one knows how he will manifest his vision or purpose through you , nor do they know what that package will look like in process or completed, so it’s impossible for someone to say who or what God hasn’t or can’t do for you. When you hear that, close your ears and spirit because that is not from God. God does nothing according to man but everything according to him and if they knew how God operated they would have their life panned out better, right? Don’t let folk put their views, interpretations and beliefs on you. Stay the course, let him show his power through you.

You got this, know that and own it! #BMichavery

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