It’s time to remove the “Illusion’s” & become acquainted with your truth’s.

Have you ever gone into a store and tried on an outfit, hat , jacket or pair of shoes and looked at yourself in the mirror & just thought ....Hell To the Naw! This is not me? It wasn’t that the item you tried on wasn’t nice or “Fly” or that it didn’t fit, it was just that once you saw yourself in it, it just didn’t feel like you. It didn’t give you that feel of YES , I’M IN THE BUILDING! More of a…. “oh hey I’m here”  type of vibe. 

Trust me you are not alone. We have all been awakened by the uncomfortable truth of at times, no matter how popular, how well put together or valuable something may appear to be, its just not for us & this is OK. The issue is so many of us despite this reality still move forward, regardless to how  uncomfortable, ineffective, or beneficial it is to our growth. This can be in any area of our lives be it relationships, career choices, health & well being etc. Settling for what is available is a more acceptable option, often times at the expense of our authentic truths. 

In order to truly transition on your path or journey of evolution to better, you must be willing to dig deep and stand in who you are at the core of your being. You can not evolve and become who are you truly intended to become pretending to be something you aren’t. Your beliefs, your history, your fears, your ability to love or not, your desire to succeed, your passions, purpose etc are all uniquely crafted for your greater good, but can not truly manifest in the way you desire until you get to know yourself on an intimate level. This often times  will  require the healing of the “Inner Her” ( yes men we are all made up of both feminine and masculinity energy , this is where the balance of logic, practicality & emotions come in to play) stay with me. For some of you , you withdraw emotionally because  connections to anything causing you to feel vulnerable, seen or exposed are triggers to  things unresolved from your core. Don’t worry we will dig deeper into this later in the series.

This week’s episode titled ” Who Are you?” Touches on the inner you & allows you to see yourself through a different set of eyes, opening you up to deeper parts of yourself that truly hold the key to your evolution, on this journey called life. Don’t worry, I was gentle. LOL. I cant wait to hear how it resonated with you.–Who-Are-You-e3fo2d


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