New Audio Series- ” Morning Dose of Innergy” W/BMichavery-

Hello My Beautiful souls,
I’ve missed you! & I can tell by your emails to me I was missed as well! 🙂 I have to tell you, I have been pretty busy with corporate america , non profit events & community back to school festivities with my partner organization ForOakCliff, & let’s not add on the transitions in life in general! However, I have not stopped creating. This year has gone so quickly & soooo many amazing things have occurred in preparation for the closing of the decade ( 2020), so Ive been taking it all in, processing & allowing God to show me how or if i need to share. Its very important for me to practice what I preach in regards to self care, Inner work, self replenishing & foundation building so everything else must be in doses.
As many of you know, for a while now I have been really into my spiritual work, I’ve been a “Spiritual Coach” in many ways to many of you , in such a short time & the way I’ve been used as a vessel by God & his ordainment to help & assist you all to be better versions of yourselves, has been both rewarding and overwhelming at the same time. I am surprised by my own life & capabilities at times to be honest. Anyway, that leads me to say, many of you have asked me consistently is it possible to obtain more audio inspiration from me ( I guess the hour long twice a month talks arent quite getting it anymore ) Spoiled. lol. I love it though so this is what is to come….

What this series will entail?
I’ve been urged spiritually to start my day before sunrise with no definite end time frame , (trust me I’ve been asking for tons of clarification because anyone who knows me KNOWS…this on its own is a spiritual challenge! LOL). But I digress, I’ll be pushing my routine up to meet the sunrise, & share whatever energetic message I feel pushed to share each morning. Its important that you know, I will not send an email every morning ( sorry yall lol) I will however, check in once a week via email to recap with you though. I want to hear your thoughts & open the door to questions you may have as well. I feel this is necessary because so many of you have inquired about me providing daily guidance to you and honestly energy wise & spiritually wise, I had to find the best way to do so without stripping myself completely. I take spirituality very serious and my ability to reach as many that I have is nothing short of a blessing, I just have to balance. You all should know by now I operate on & through spirit 90 percent of the time, so this is all ordained.
I look forward to sharing my mornings with you & providing you all with a daily dose of Innergy to get your mornings off to a great start ( Energy is spelled with an I for me to reflect the INNER work & spiritual transmutation).
Thank you for continuously entrusting me with your spirit.
Daily Innergy Dose- Episode 1 & 2 Are posted!

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