“The Necessary Incubation”


Hey there Beautiful souls! ,

I wanted to share an excerpt from one of my recent newsletter’s, because it has gotten so much feedback and It has warmed my heart. I send these out weekly so i encourage you to sign up & also add the podcast as well for daily inspiration and astro-psychology talk!

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I Love Your Freaking Souls!


If i’m being honest, the current time’s are well , quite frightening, yet so absolutely beautiful at the same time. How? because we are finally seeing evidence of what truly matters. Humanity’s health first and foremost, the importance of all of humanity no matter your social status, financial tier, education, religious beliefs, weight, culture, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation etc working together for the betterment of all, from the ground up. None of your aesthetics will help you through this, you cant buy your way out of this, your titles are insignificant & pay grade matters not. What matters is that you get your hands dirty and work up a sweat individual wise and collectively to help protect, serve and cater to all people, so we can get through this, together ( Welcome to age of Aquarius an age where the selfish, self centered and self made will not survive). That shit is beautiful, calming and makes me absolutely emotional thinking about it.

You see, we are in an Incubation period many of us have been forced into incubation and some of us naturally gravitated to it because

we took heed to the spiritual signs given years ago, ( for me this began 2016 more on that later) the emotional warfare, mental and physical breakthroughs that got us here, prepared us for the fertilization needed to nurture the seeds we were birthing years to come. This season of incubation is not easy, its dark, its uncomfortable, its isolating, lonely and can feel like torture ,if you do not understand that the incubation period is needed in order to prepare you for the next step, Fertilization.

During this time there are things you needed to be stripped from, so you can be replanted. Your current and previous shell of self & its inner mechanisms were not and are not suitable for the soil being cultivated right now and you cant just be uprooted and planted in the new soil because you arent yet capable of surviving in it. This could be because the soil is too potent or your roots arent strong enough, either way you arent ready and the incubation period is needed, so you can be hidden from too much of anything that can taint or destroy the new seeds being prepared for implantation. Many are looking at this time as a hindrance and that’s really unfortunate because this time is a blessing, even if it was unexpected or unforeseen. Many feel in this time of isolation they are “Losing” something, not understanding that it couldn’t be further from the truth. The soil being created is done so not only as a new mixture but a combination of everything you are currently made of.
Your trauma, fears, lessons, goals, dreams, traditions, pride, ego, accomplishments, hearts desires, secrets, mistakes, successes, existing beliefs, etc so on are all a part of this soil being cultivated, along with a new mixture of new lessons, new adventures, new perspectives, experiences, beliefs, connections and journey’s that will together make the new version of soil, even more powerful.


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