Journey To Better Phase 2- Day 23- Key Factors That Determine If You Are Healthy Or NOT.

So we are on Day 23 of Phase 2 Journey to Better Challenge, and so far the main focus has been on Mental, Emotional,& Spiritual health. Reason being is so many focus on the outer results and miss the key elements resulting in yo yo dieting and not many results that last beyond the moment […]


  Hello Everyone!! So many of you have been following me for some time now, and you have read my post about health and fitness and my transition from a 203 pound beauty to a 169 pound beauty. That is a 34 pound weight difference. However It is much more than just watching what you […]

When is “What is Healthy Debatable”? She is The Biggest Loser’s Latest Success Story So Why The Controversy : Rachel Frederickson Speaks Out!

You are TOO FAT, You are TOO SKINNY. You are UGLY. You are Anorexic, You Eat TOO MUCH…BLAH BLAH BLAH! Those are a few of the things, people hear from critiques, and other’s who may even say they love you. And how does that resignate  to the person hearing it all …….YOU ARE NOT GOOD […]

Kick Start 2014 With Your New Healthy Life Style But First………

I know , we are all so excited to begin our NEW healthy Rituals so many have been talking about, whether it be juicing, clean eating, working out more frequently and consistently, going vegan, vegetarian , pescetarians( follow similar lifestyle of vegetarians , with a few exceptions) or all of the above. However there are […]

You Too Can Create Your Journey to a Healthier You..It STARTS NOW!.

  ICANT  I WONT  IM NOT GOOD ENOUGH ABOVE ARE ALL WORDS YOU WILL NEVER USE AGAIN YOU WILL YOU CAN  YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH So often People Ask me did you really change your LIFESTYLE in order to get the results you wanted and why did you do it. Well My answer is […]


Ok so we all have those moments of Being excited and happy about this supernatural body you want, or your idea of what being “fit” is and you hit it hard the first couple days or even months, but then you gradually stop. And you get back into your routine habits of eating horrible, no […]

CVS Pharmacy Launches “PROJECT HEALTH” Bringing Free Health Screening to 10 CITIES

This is GREAT news for those who are in need of shots etc. FREE Screening is what cvs is giving with it’s new project health campaign!* What cities are holding Free Health Screenings and Flu Voucher Fridays? Project Health will deliver more than a 1,000 free preventive health screening events in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, […]