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But Wait…What the HECK is Self Care?!

  As of late there has been a trend or shall I say a huge increase in encouraging people to focus on this thing called "Self Care". For many it's taking time to go out, date yourself, shop, read ,pamper yourself, meditate, exercise, or whatever you "Me Time " consists of. I believe all of these … Continue reading But Wait…What the HECK is Self Care?!

Why I Stopped Blogging & Why I Decided to start back…

Its been a while, honestly a very LONG while, and  I will be completely transparent, I have been so consumed with life that I actually didn't miss it. I mean sure I know I have had alot to say, and Ive had things I could have expressed, discussed or created news worthy posts about, such … Continue reading Why I Stopped Blogging & Why I Decided to start back…

Dallas Ambition Spot Light: DELACREME DALLAS -Fashion/Art/Music Show- August 15th 2015!

Dallas Ambition Exclusive DelaCreme Dallas -Art, Music & Fashion Showcase In Dallas Tx, at the African American Museum located in the Fair Park. What is DelaCremeDallas?- This event is not like any other event you have been to. This event has been able to capture the many  true aspects  of what the culture of Dallas … Continue reading Dallas Ambition Spot Light: DELACREME DALLAS -Fashion/Art/Music Show- August 15th 2015!

The truth about why I hate the title ” Blogger” and It’s Negative Impact in Society ………

So many have asked me where I have been and when is my book coming out, when are more projects coming and what am I planning next.........Well First let me say this... I cant believe i am actually writing a book let alone writing an authentic no holds barred type of book, but its coming, … Continue reading The truth about why I hate the title ” Blogger” and It’s Negative Impact in Society ………

Journey To Better Phase 2- Day 3- Embrace The Power In Being A Woman : Why KeKe Palmer Makes Us Proud to Be A Woman.



Today is day 3 of the Journey to Better Cleanse & detox Challenge, and as ive stated before the original Journey to better for me was a very very personal one. I didn’t share much of my journey partly because i didn’t realize it was one, I just knew that I was in such a very dark place, full of heaviness and in a place of numbness. I had lost myself. The world on the outside could see nothing was wrong, but i knew. So i made the decision to shut everyone out, and really dig deep. I wrote out all my goals, dreams, fears and  began the process of finding myself from inside out, I went through an entire process of detox, and during this time I had just completed filming for Our Documentary, and after doing so many interviews, and speaking to young girls, i…

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Journey to Better Phase 2- Day 4- Remove the Clutter!



Lets face it, we have goals  we want to achieve and things we desire to have in life but there are a few things holding us back. Old Hurt, old baggage from childhood, anger issues, lack of self-control, lack of organizational skills, no actual plan of how to work towards the goals you want set, home is chaotic, lacking stability, old traditions, phone log full of too many ” In case of  people”  You know the ones, you call in case you are drunk texting,or in case you are bored, or in case you wanna gossip, etc so on. Not that these things feed into your life to assist in growth, but because they “Fill”your life to take up the empty space you can’t figure out within yourself to actual address. Those are stand by drainers. As dysfunctional as they may be , and  no matter how  miserable you…

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Journey To Better Phase 2- Day 5- Letting GO of the “Woe Is Me Victim Mentality”



Truth is so many people will never get any further than they currently are for this one main reason…….They possess and live off of the woe is me, Ive been defeated mentality. What is that? It’s the prison in your mind that keeps you chained to your past, who hurt you, what you didn’t have, who took what, what mom did, why dad wasn’t there, what you have lost , your financial status, etc so on. I know you are thinking, well I cant get over it,

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