The Woman behind the “Brand”


Who Is the BMichavery & what does it mean to be the “Dallas Hope Dealer”?

A woman, who has been through just about everything you could imagine and survived. By the age of 21, I’d lost my father/Hero/First Love suddenly to complications of diabetes, lost my husband/best friend, a man whom I’ve been with since 12 years old to a failed jail system for protecting and defending our lives, lost two children, struggled with self-worth running from reality ending up in a world of more chaos, rebounding into a relationship that was emotionally, spiritually and physically draining, which lead to an unfulfilled life, filled with more unfulfilling relationships in my career, friendships and religion wise! I was BROKE, BUSTED, DISGUSTED & LOST! Briefly was addicted to party scene, and my revisiting an all too familiar “gangsta” lifestyle, lead me on a path to self-destruction!

But the crazy thing is no matter what I went through or have gone through, I ALWAYS knew, I was meant to be someone great, I mean really great! Someone who as flawed as I was, was always good to people, big-hearted, ambitious, courageous and brave! I just needed to figure out how to connect the dots between who I was pretending to be by societies standards, or who I was destined and ordained to be by the higher power. This transition was NOT easy. Trust me when I tell you, but somewhere around 2008 everything started to come into perspective. I found my passion and although it would take years for me to fully connect the dots I knew it wouldn’t be long before they connected. I realized my purpose was to help people. I have always been gifted with a heart of Gold as many say, Always giving advice, helping, and pulling people out of the trenches with my wisdom as my grandmother would say, even if I was in the trenches myself. Ironic. I began removing friends, left less than fulfilling jobs, reconnected with my first love (Self) and then the person 🙂 and started on my Journey to Better! I found my desire for entrepreneurship , began as an artist in music, traveled, opened for huge acts with my group, managed artist, worked with amazing celebrities, and produced a documentary that went on to be featured on documentary TV, interviews by news executives, media outlets and so much more. How did I end up here?

I couldn’t tell you, but I will say this, every single thing I’d been through created an unbeknownst path to greatness! I created this blog out of passion, all I knew was I needed a platform to speak how I felt about whatever I was feeling even if no one read it but me, I didn’t care. I had no idea what blogging was about nor did I intend on making money or anything from it , I just wanted to have a platform for release. Little did I know, my stories, my perspectives and my energy would resignate with so many people, all over the world! And for that I am extremely grateful.

The Dallas Hope Dealer-

It’s no secret I’m from Dallas and honestly I never really appreciated being from Dallas until I realized this city has made me who I am, not the money in the city, not the experience of the city but my experiences in the city. It has made me unbreakable, grounded, passionate, ambitious and determined to be everything I am supposed to be in this life, I’d lost too much not to! I am very familiar with the life of Drug Dealing/Struggle, misfortune etc, no I didn’t grow up in that life my father was a hardworking man who worked as a head chef for a major restaurant chain for over 30 years, my mom very ambitious ,however I definitely at the age of 15 explored beyond my sheltered life. I learned a lot, was taught a lot hands on from Black Panthers, revolutionist, successful figures, interacted with people of different ethnicities, religions, and so much more. I learned what unity and power can do for a city in spite of your differences, and that is deeply rooted in my spirit. So somewhere in between growing through life (Yes Growing) and experimenting in different industries, I connected with my passion to write. No particular structure just writing out how I felt or whatever Id gone through. But to be honest with you , the idea of me starting a blog frightened the he** out of me! I have a love hate relationship for social media and media as a whole. Not because I didn’t think I would be good at it or because I thought people would like it or not. The truth is I never wanted to care if they did or not, truth is I am still not a huge fan of it, because I don’t like the mentality of our society and the fact that so many are so afraid of being anything other than what society says they should be just to “maintain” or belong or better yet survive. I never wanted to care so much about what people thought because I knew mentally they never intend on fully grasping it. I battled with the fear of losing myself to the expectations of what a writer should write or how I should express myself through my thoughts in a politically correct way, to meet society’s standards so I stopped. Then I finally GOT it, My vision and purpose is to be that different entity that brings honest integrity to modern society. I will continue to PUSH buttons, be fearless, kick down boundaries be revolutionary and vocal while educating myself and others on every chance I get in all areas,. no exceptions. I no longer care about transforming the stance of society; I am more focused on planting the seed that will, because that lasts longer. I will Build people up no matter the situation, help them to feel better about themselves and evolve as humans differently as a unit.



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