You are the “Light” you are searching for..

A powerful shift happened in my life when I stopped subscribing to habitual socialistic rhetoric of constantly being in search of “a Light at the end of the Tunnel” way of living. The Idea that my happiness, peace and relief from pain, discomfort and disappointment was tied to something or someone who would eventually have the power to control my unforeseen dark state was crippling. So instead I dug deeper ,found that I was the light within the tunnel & I lit that B*tch up. I am not a product of my environment, my environment is a product of the light within me and when I realized and accepted that, my entire life changed. God never puts your sanity, solitude and freedom in the hands of anyone, he has equipped you with every tool you need for the journey he has prepared for you, everyone & everything else are used merely as confirmation to being on the right path or not.#JourneyOf33 #Lighthouse #Page7


Dont allow the perspective of what other’s think is “right” detour you from what you “know” is right for you.

The truth is people only believe in how powerful God is based on the power he has exercised in their lives. You will see how strong their belief in him doing the unthinkable in the most unorthodox way is by how they react to what he chooses to do through you. The problem is people think they know God so well that they can predict how ,when, why & where he chooses to bless someone else, and the beauty of my God is he shows out and leaves them gasping for air every single time. Stop saying what God wont do & wouldn’t do in someone else’s life just because it doesn’t align with your biased thoughts, views or sheltered understanding. God doesn’t think like you anticipate he would, and arent we all glad about it.  Continue reading “Dont allow the perspective of what other’s think is “right” detour you from what you “know” is right for you.”

BMichavery Presents: Dallas Ambition™ Interview W/ Brenda Austin, Founder and MasterMind behind Now & Zen Bodyworks!



Let me start by saying this, as women entrepreneurs  (some of which who juggle corporate careers) we find it extremely hard to balance self-care and our brand building. Children, relationships, desires and so much more,  often take priority while we slowly deteriorate internally, I am no different, but the beauty in it all is I found this jewel, unknowingly. This is way before I got into Yoga or anything meditation wise, I was forced to slow down.  Listen! No matter what you do in life the most important thing you can EVER do is take care of your health and body! So often we are so busy chasing dreams, raising kids, being wives, girlfriends, husbands, and whatever other title you hold, we fail to realize that our bodies react to stress in different ways.  I believe it was 2014/2015,  I called my doctor to set up an appointment for next week because I’d been having pressure in my chest that spread to my shoulder and even made me feel numb in my left finger. She told me to immediately go get checked not to wait because anything with your chest is IMPORTANT. So I did. The doctor said I’m surprised you aren’t screaming in agony from all this pressure. Stress had literally caused my muscle in my neck to become swollen and affect the muscles that are connected from my neck to my back and chest causing them to  hit a nerveconnected to my arm, which caused the numbness.  ( WAIT WHAT IN THE WORLD! ) All stress related,  she gave me options and suggested I get a massage and I called  Brenda, I figured she was good BUT I had no idea her spirit and tentativeness would be so soothing to my soul!  Continue reading “BMichavery Presents: Dallas Ambition™ Interview W/ Brenda Austin, Founder and MasterMind behind Now & Zen Bodyworks!”

Dad..This is what losing you physically taught me……


November 23, 2005….3pm…. Mom had been playing on the phone ( she was and still is a total jokester) So when she called back this time I said, Mom stop playing and she said Bran listen to me….Im not playing….Brit called she thinks your dad is dead… WAIT WHAT….. I remember her saying Im sending Ahmad ( My step brother) over to get you. I remember my brother coming into the room, I called my then boyfriend ( later husband) and collapsed on the floor…what occurred next changed my life for ever.

Seeing my father in that state, was both scary and heartbreaking, but I got a sense of peace because he looked at ease. but how can this be, how could the man who vowed to never leave us, who took care of us, who loved us with everything he had not be here anymore? I was shocked…I remember going to my father sitting beside him, trying to feel for a pulse, putting my ear to his mouth hoping I would feel his breath, i grabbed his hand It was then …I knew…I took his hat off of his head ( i still have it , never washed it,  in my backpack tucked away in my closet for moments when I need him most). I got up, everyone was around, people everywhere, crying, talking and moving all around, I needed to find my sister, My brother, where were they? My sister, literally out of her mind, screaming I DIDN’T KILL HIM, I SWEAR I DIDN’T!….We know baby…We know….My sister has to be the strongest woman I know…(Other than my mommie and grandma of course) But i know God had to know she was strong enough to handle that at 16….Cause at 21…..I couldn’t. My head was filled with so many regrets, why didn’t I just stay the night before like he wanted, and go to my grandmothers the next day, why didn’t I tell him I love him more, why didn’t I call him earlier that day to keep him awake so he wouldn’t go to sleep….WHY!?  Continue reading “Dad..This is what losing you physically taught me……”

But Wait…What the HECK is Self Care?!



As of late there has been a trend or shall I say a huge increase in encouraging people to focus on this thing called “Self Care”. For many it’s taking time to go out, date yourself, shop, read ,pamper yourself, meditate, exercise, or whatever you “Me Time consists of. I believe all of these things are beneficial, but for me its a little deeper. I have been an advocate for self love and individual evolution, but you really dont realize just how imperative it is until you are forced to be in a situation with just YOU and you realize that you dont really know how to be with just YOU.

So much of my life has been giving and  pouring into others, being other’s emotional dumping ground, their spiritual warrior, their friend,mentor, wife, girlfriend, sister,brother, and so much more, that I only interpreted my worth by what I was to others.  Now dont get me wrong, I have taken time for myself, I have definitely focused on myself when it came to goals or things I needed to have done to keep everything a afloat in my life per say, but even in that, I have always thought about how what I was doing, or not doing would affect those who depended on me, or counted on me as their support, morally, emotionally, spiritually or as an outsider who saw me as a mentor, eventually my life became a constant evolution not just for me…but for everyone connected to me. Dont get me wrong I am grateful, but it is draining when everything you give out, isnt being refilled.  Continue reading “But Wait…What the HECK is Self Care?!”

Why I Stopped Blogging & Why I Decided to start back…

Its been a while, honestly a very LONG while, and  I will be completely transparent, I have been so consumed with life that I actually didn’t miss it. I mean sure I know I have had alot to say, and Ive had things I could have expressed, discussed or created news worthy posts about, such as politics, relationships, entertainment, new shows, latest artist, songs fashion, makeup etc, and so on. But I realized that I honestly dont want to talk about those things, well I do but mostly to just past time. I realized I needed some substance, I needed something that I could write about that would actually help me grow. I had to be reminded why I started this blog anyway, I mean what was my purpose…Id forgotten. In the last year, so much has happened, I fell in love, gotten 2 puppies, enjoyed friends, and actually lived a lot, suffered from brutal death of close relative, friends, got my heart broken, etc so forth, and then it hit me, while I was searching for some inspiration, I was hurting, not inspired, angry, and needed to read or hear something that would pull me out of my “slump” but guess what…..I couldn’t find it. Sure there are many lifestyle blogs, some that talk about relationships and getting over heartbreak, some with amazing quotes on being grateful for life and how to build a brand or business (basically staying busy to avoid “feeling”) , there were sites that showed me why I should move on, etc but NONE that showed me how to fight when things are so hard you cant see past the NOW, none that showed me how to pray or what to pray when you arent religious but you are spiritual ,  lost your way and need to reconnect with yourself internally to heal inside out, NONE that showed me the importance of having faith in letting go when your heart and soul tells you that this was supposed to be “meant to be” but you are now no longer speaking to the person your heart yearned for just a year ago, how to know if you are supposed to fight for it or let go. NONE that helped me really deal with and over come what I was feeling and not masking, avoiding or neglecting the real issues at hand. Continue reading “Why I Stopped Blogging & Why I Decided to start back…”

Dallas Ambition Spot Light: DELACREME DALLAS -Fashion/Art/Music Show- August 15th 2015!

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Delecreme dallas

Dallas Ambition Exclusive

DelaCreme Dallas -Art, Music & Fashion Showcase In Dallas Tx, at the African American Museum located in the Fair Park.

What is DelaCremeDallas?– This event is not like any other event you have been to. This event has been able to capture the many  true aspects  of what the culture of Dallas truly is. DelaCremeDallas is just as elite as it sounds, but in a very creative, authentic and fresh way! It captures the diversity, the fearlessness, and creative structure that many aspiring to be  have been missing. Whether you are wanting Continue reading “Dallas Ambition Spot Light: DELACREME DALLAS -Fashion/Art/Music Show- August 15th 2015!”

The truth about why I hate the title ” Blogger” and It’s Negative Impact in Society ………


So many have asked me where I have been and when is my book coming out, when are more projects coming and what am I planning next………Well First let me say this… I cant believe i am actually writing a book let alone writing an authentic no holds barred type of book, but its coming, its all about timing, with so many new things being released I had to balance some things but can I be honest with you…I mean REALLY honest for a second…?

I am not a normal person. Despite being in the public eye I am an introvert, I love hard and give alot of myself but I am very selective with whom I share space and energy with. I am not a group thinking type of woman, not monolithic at all. I have a  love hate relationship for social media and media as a whole, For years I battled writing. Like the thought of actually writing exactly what i felt frightened me. Not because I didn’t think I would be good at it or because I thought people would like it or not. The truth is i never wanted to care if they did or not. I hated the media, truth is I am still not a huge fan of it, Continue reading “The truth about why I hate the title ” Blogger” and It’s Negative Impact in Society ………”