“The Necessary Incubation”

  Hey there Beautiful souls! , I wanted to share an excerpt from one of my recent newsletter’s, because it has gotten so much feedback and It has warmed my heart. I send these out weekly so i encourage you to sign up & also add the podcast as well for daily inspiration and astro-psychology […]

It’s time to remove the “Illusion’s” & become acquainted with your truth’s.

Have you ever gone into a store and tried on an outfit, hat , jacket or pair of shoes and looked at yourself in the mirror & just thought ….Hell To the Naw! This is not me? It wasn’t that the item you tried on wasn’t nice or “Fly” or that it didn’t fit, it was just […]

BMichavery Presents: Dallas Ambition™ Interview W/ Brenda Austin, Founder and MasterMind behind Now & Zen Bodyworks!

  Let me start by saying this, as women entrepreneurs  (some of which who juggle corporate careers) we find it extremely hard to balance self-care and our brand building. Children, relationships, desires and so much more,  often take priority while we slowly deteriorate internally, I am no different, but the beauty in it all is […]

Journey To Better Phase 3- Day 11- Meet My New Favorite Nutritional Bloggers!

Hello Everyone! I hope each and everyone is maintaining their goals on their #JourneyToBetter Phase 3 challenge, and if you are just starting out I hope you have put together your vision boards w/ action plans and have your accountability partners in place to help you along the way! By now you all know that […]

Journey To Better Phase 2 Has ended: But Phase 3 Has begun!! Sept 1-31st find out how Phase 2 has helped me!

First I would like to say I have the best supporters ever! You guys are truly amazing and really make my heart smile! When I originally began this Journey to better challenge, it wasn’t for public as I previously stated, I didn’t even consider it a challenge, it was more of a detox because of […]

Journey To Better Phase 2- Day 6 : You Must Learn The Truth About Who You WERE, In Order To Embrace Who You Are.

Journey to better is an amazing Series, Not only because you get to become better, stronger and more confident in your own life but also because through your transformation you will be able to inspire others to do the same. One thing I have learned from Phase 1 is that people are inspired by change, […]

Journey To Better Phase 2- Day 5- Letting GO of the “Woe Is Me Victim Mentality”

Truth is so many people will never get any further than they currently are for this one main reason…….They possess and live off of the woe is me, Ive been defeated mentality. What is that? It’s the prison in your mind that keeps you chained to your past, who hurt you, what you didn’t have, […]

Journey To Better Phase 2 : Day 2- Commit to YOURSELF!

I know, it seems like a very egotistical thing to do based on “normal” standards right? Well that whole thought process is all wrong! You see the reason we end up in horrible relationships, have horrible finances, indecisive when it comes to career choices, unhealthy mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, is because of failing to […]

Journey To Better Phase 2 STARTS TODAY! August 3rd-31st , Redefining your purpose & Executing it!

After My last Journey to Better Series, so many people asked how i did it? How did i lose weight, how did i stay focused, how did i achieve set goals, how did i start my business, etc so on. So i decided this time i will share my journey with you, while assisting you […]