Re Release of Highly Anticipated Docu-Film ” REVEALED”: Embracing The inner you! Part 1


I am so excited to Announce the RE RELEASE of my Original Documentary released originally Last year ” Revealed“. This film really allowed me to dig deep and embrace the different yet very simular characteristics many of us face or have faced in life. This experience was truly one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever experienced, and I am so excited that the reviews had been incredible. Being featured on DOCUMENTARY TV, countless media outlets, and interviews surrounding the film made me realize that I am able to do incredible things by using my voice and sharing not only my struggles and how I overcame,  but also encouraging others to do the same.  In August Continue reading “Re Release of Highly Anticipated Docu-Film ” REVEALED”: Embracing The inner you! Part 1″

Kelly Rowland’s New Revealing Single.DIRTY LAUNDRY#EPIC.B.Michavery’s Thought’s

Kelly Rowland's New Revealing  Single.DIRTY LAUNDRY#EPIC.B.Michavery's Thought's

Original Member Of Groundbreaking Female Group Destiny’s child, and grammy award winning solo artist Kelly Rowland has stepped out of her shell of sex appeal and embraced her more transparent side! Her honesty, boldness, and amazingly unexpected truth has been revealed in the most empowering single she or any of her group members have ever released!. Her single reveals, details of abuse, and her relationship with best friend, sister, singer Beyonce, And the man who aimed to tear them apart. Truly amazing and if her album is anything like the singles she has released we can definitely say it will be a truly inspiring, moving, empowering, Sexy album to date! When she said she is revealing and opening up herself in ways no one will imagine she never lied!….Song written by Dream and inspired by Kelly’s real life feelings and journey.

Take a listen: Click picture to hear!…B.Michavery/Founder