“Intuition Spreaks” …Mr Amazing!…From B.Michavery

Hey YOU>>>YEA YOU>> Mr. Amazing!..Listen>>( Clears throat..) come here…a lil closer….Your amazing and by that i mean, any woman who you spend your life with is a true reflection of how amazing you are!..She should compliment you in ways more than physical , her tone should exude confidence yet very lady like, her vocabulary should stimulate you intellectually and her presence alone should be felt in a room of many without her having to say a word!…Listen because “We” amazing women need you to be YOUR best, and we know how hard it is to be successful daily, We know the battles you fight as a man we as women may never understand, we know the importance of uplifting, empowering and assisting our “Man”( NOT GROWN BOYS) To be the best version of themselves! We will uplift each other and embrace all the imperfections to make them perfectly fit us……..NOW have an amazing day. Muah…#B.Michavery.