Relaunching, Reevaluating, Restructuring!…..Stay Tuned #B.Brave

Relaunching, Reevaluating, Restructuring!.....Stay Tuned #B.Brave

Brave Stars!!!

I know many of you have been emailing me and facebooking me, asking where have i been? Well I have been taking some much-needed time to regroup. As many of you know, being an Entrepreneur can be extremely tiring and as much as i LOVE what i do, i also have to balance and take time out for myself mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I have been Juicing, working out , and completely transforming!! I’m so excited i cant wait to share with you all the recipes, the places ive gone and the amazing people ive met!! However i have still been working!! I am gearing up for an official new launch with a completely new look, new information and don’t worry you will still get diversity on my blog! My brand is a lifestyle brand and i value myself as such. I am launching, with more amazing things in store. More Exclusives, and most of all more ways to be able to have YOU My supporters interact with me, by being able to log in on the blog and view Exclusive interviews, gain more direct advice, live streams and Much more!! My brand has grown so much in the last year and therefore so has my support system and fan base! I thank you all for your continued support and cant wait to share with you everything that i have in store!!!

I love you all!! See you soon!!!