The Coffin of the Caterpillar is also the Birth Canal of the Butterfly…..Its all about perspective.

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I know, it’s been a week with not one peep of audio for the series (I’ve received all of your emails, inboxes, texts & calls, asking me have you missed it, or what’s going on?). I want to first say thank you all for the consistency when it comes to you all really listening to the audios & taking in and applying things that you resonate with. I am beyond grateful that I am used as a vessel to connect you with your greater selves. We have been on this journey for over a month now and to know it has truly impacted you all, is beyond fulfilling.

As far as the delay in audio, as many of you know I am someone who is extremely serious about my  spiritual life and when I speak into other souls this is something I never take lightly. So this past week because of so many energetic pulls and shifts, I needed to be sure my inner world is balanced. For me this entails, balancing my Chakras, being sure my spirit is filled and grounded as well as my mental and emotional self is solid. I am what people call a ‘Spiritual/Intellectual Empath” with a very strong Clairsentient /Clairaudient ability, in addition to being a triple Cancerian ( for those who are aware of their elements in their birth chart & how astrology affects us amongst other Continue reading “The Coffin of the Caterpillar is also the Birth Canal of the Butterfly…..Its all about perspective.”

It’s time to remove the “Illusion’s” & become acquainted with your truth’s.

Have you ever gone into a store and tried on an outfit, hat , jacket or pair of shoes and looked at yourself in the mirror & just thought ....Hell To the Naw! This is not me? It wasn’t that the item you tried on wasn’t nice or “Fly” or that it didn’t fit, it was just that once you saw yourself in it, it just didn’t feel like you. It didn’t give you that feel of YES , I’M IN THE BUILDING! More of a…. “oh hey I’m here”  type of vibe. 

Trust me you are not alone. We have all been awakened by the uncomfortable truth of at times, no matter how popular, how well put together or valuable something may appear to be, its just not for us & this is OK. The issue is so many of us despite this reality still move forward, regardless to how  uncomfortable, ineffective, or beneficial it is to our growth. This can be in any area of our lives be it relationships, career choices, health & well being etc. Settling for what is available is a more acceptable option, often times at the expense of our authentic truths.  Continue reading “It’s time to remove the “Illusion’s” & become acquainted with your truth’s.”

~Pause, Breathe, & Flow~

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Strong. Weak. Incapable. Unintelligent  Hood. Ghetto. Bold. Protective. Dream chasers. Father. Son. Lover. Provider. Smart. Knowledgeable. Mean. Indecisive. Flirty. Religious. Womanizer. Abuser. Controlling. Loving. Warmhearted. Sensitive. Felon. Giver. Friend. Loyal. Betrayer.

I hear your silent cries, while they are internal they still fall. I feel your pain, you know those deep rooted internal feelings of being unaccepted, misguided, betrayed,  & forgotten that  still haunt you to this day.
The  smile you wear on your face everyday that you  have mastered in order to hide the feelings of insecurity or inadequacy from others is so apparent to me.  You internally battle”finding the motivation to keep going,  while those who should empower you most have the ability to brutally rip your soul out of your body,  only to soothe  your inner demons with  3 simple yet very complex words, I love you.  Damn.
Truth is, the responsibility of being so strong and untouchable to the naked eye is what pushes you to keep up the pseud of “everything is ok , all the while  barely maintaining mentally & finding it hard to sustain. Continue reading “~Pause, Breathe, & Flow~”

~Authentically Living your Dash In Between~

We are all on this journey called life together, our paths are in most cases totally different, our experiences vary in many different forms but still, we are existing in the flesh on this journey together. For so many existing is how they maneuver in life, because they haven’t identified what their purpose to live is, and the inability to identify who you are, what you contribute and the purpose of it all, is the reason so many are secretly fighting deep rooted internal wars that will ultimately cause self destruction.

The thing is, its imperative to take your journey of self & its evolution extremely personal, by not allowing people and their monolithic group holds stifle you. You deserve MORE! You owe yourself MORE & this world NEEDS more truth & authenticity FROM YOU. We have two guaranteed dates in life, the day we are birthed on this planet & the day we leave, that space in between is yours. How long or short it is we have no idea, but however long it is matters not because what you do with the time you have is what really matters. Ask yourself , what will your spirit leave behind and inspire those closest to you to be.

This weeks episode is talking about just that, how personal your journey of self is and why not seeing it as such affects you in all aspects of your life, both internal and external.

Listen below:

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