Dallas Ambition Spot Light: DELACREME DALLAS -Fashion/Art/Music Show- August 15th 2015!

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DelaCreme Dallas -Art, Music & Fashion Showcase In Dallas Tx, at the African American Museum located in the Fair Park.

What is DelaCremeDallas?– This event is not like any other event you have been to. This event has been able to capture the many  true aspects  of what the culture of Dallas truly is. DelaCremeDallas is just as elite as it sounds, but in a very creative, authentic and fresh way! It captures the diversity, the fearlessness, and creative structure that many aspiring to be  have been missing. Whether you are wanting Continue reading “Dallas Ambition Spot Light: DELACREME DALLAS -Fashion/Art/Music Show- August 15th 2015!”

DALLAS POLICE SHOOTING UPDATE”James Harper’s final autopsy released “Victim Was Not shot in back…

While this situation is still a very sad one, Many would be relieved to know that the victim was NOT shot in the back as many had reported, causing Dallas Streets to be in a Uproar, Today the Official Autopsy has been released. Ultimately the shots That killed the Victim were stemmed from the altercation between the victim and Dallas Police Officer , however they were not in the back. He was shot 3 Times,One of the bullets re-entered Harper’s body and created additional wounds, according to the report. The report shows a total of four wounds: one in the left side of the chest, one on the right abdomen, one on the left abdomen and one in the left elbow,

None of the bullets entered Harper’s back, according to the autopsy, Also reports also suggested Victim may have been under influence of drugs and alcohol causing him to act erratically were also false
“Blood tests showed negative results for alcohol and drugs, the report says.”

Official Autopsy Results for James Harper http://ftpcontent.worldnow.com/kdfw/pdf/harper_autopsy.pdf