Journey To Better Phase 3- Day 11- Meet My New Favorite Nutritional Bloggers!


Hello Everyone! I hope each and everyone is maintaining their goals on their #JourneyToBetter Phase 3 challenge, and if you are just starting out I hope you have put together your vision boards w/ action plans and have your accountability partners in place to help you along the way!

By now you all know that I too have been on my own journey to better phase 3 challenge and much like phase 1 for me, this includes not only mental, emotional & spiritual detox and cleansing but also physical as well. So far I have gotten extremely close to my Goal weight, but of course we all know how we when reach one milestone it encourages you to keep going. I am no different I have lost 50 pounds since beginning my journey however I am now toning and doing other core exercises to reach my overall goals. But even with that being said I absolutely LOVE the results. Not only in a physical sense but because for every pound lost in physical weight was 2-3 pounds of weight released, emotionally, mental & spiritually. So I am really excited and proud of myself for making the decision to be healthy overall for me. Now let me say this, IT was NOT overnight, NOR was it easy breezy, this took work as anything long-lasting does.  So if you are currently battling with your transition and you are not sure if it is actually worth it, TRUST me it is! You are not in this alone, you have thousands of supporters and so many need you reach your goals , so you can be an example to others that anything is possible. Besides you need to prove to yourself that everything is possible. Continue reading “Journey To Better Phase 3- Day 11- Meet My New Favorite Nutritional Bloggers!”

Journey To Better Phase 3- Day 4- How One Selfless Act Could Save a LIFE: Why Simone Battle’s Death Matters!



Beautiful. Successful. Eclectic.Driven. Energetic. Famous. Entertainer. Weird. Too Dark. Too Skinny. Not Popular enough. Not Skinny enough.

ALL of the things surface level wise would be heard at any given moment, on any given picture, social media site, or random conversation, however non of those things describe who she really is, or was since we are speaking in current sense. We all have been guilty of it, spotting the negative, or vain things out first before acknowledging if they meet the current approval of social standards. Contrary we think this is all there is, or we know its not but would rather it be because those are the only things that seem to matter. I wonder how many moments passed where she felt inadequate, broken, sad, unworthy or just plan NOT ENOUGH. I wonder how many nights she cried herself to sleep wishing someone just understood or got it? Continue reading “Journey To Better Phase 3- Day 4- How One Selfless Act Could Save a LIFE: Why Simone Battle’s Death Matters!”