Racism & Black America: What Donald Sterling’s “Private” conversations truly represent.


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I have been asked several times what is my opinion about the Donald Sterling and the recent controversy regarding his racist remarks etc. First let me say this , This post will not be about my feelings about his personal affairs, his wife, cheating or anything like that. This post will be about Facts, Agenda, and Honest opinion as an African American Woman. I am not prejudice towards any other race, nor do i judge people based on their race, culture or religious beliefs. I view people by their character and their intent. I have waiting to comment on this topic because my initial feelings where anger, then disgust. Very emotionally charged , and i knew that I didn’t want to post based on my emotional feelings alone. I wanted to report facts. While many blogs, post HOT TOPICS based on likes, clicks and views, Id rather post things that actually have a meaning and take my time Continue reading “Racism & Black America: What Donald Sterling’s “Private” conversations truly represent.”




NOW we all can be super excited about the new upcoming tour between MUSICAL PIONEERS/TRAILBLAZERS JAY Z & BEYONCE!  Many attended QUEEN BEY’S sold out Mrs. Carter Tour and could NOT get enough!! So when it was announced this morning that she would indeed be touring again and with JAY , It became MORNING NEWS!! JAY Z who recently wrapped up his tour, and is currently working on his MADE IN AMERICA MUSIC FESTIVAL for the city of L.A, has been super busy as of late as well. The two moguls Continue reading “JAY Z & QUEEN BEY WILL BE TOURING TOGETHER! “ON THE RUN””

Why I Am Determined To Live EVERYDAY Like It Will Be My Last………..


Work Harder. Go faster. Be MORE successful. Get Married. Have children. Aim for wealth. Travel More. Forgive. Let Go. Follow Trends. Start a Business. Buy a House. Do this DO that. Blah Blah Blah. Those are some of the things we hear on a daily. I mean let’s be honest. It is indeed Motivating to see  people living their lives, chasing their dreams just trying to be GREAT. It is also even better when it’s YOU who is chasing them as well. However there comes a time when you have to ask yourself are you doing all of that because it’s who you really want to be, or better yet who you are really supposed to be, or are you just doing all those things because that’s what is expected by the people around you, society’s standards, Continue reading “Why I Am Determined To Live EVERYDAY Like It Will Be My Last………..”

What All Entrepreneurs MUST Know About Branding………


People Spend hundreds and thousands of dollars paying an organization or  a “Branding” Expert to find out what their brand is or to Orchestrate one. And while  I would agree everyone definitely needs organization and  brand strategies in place to effectively work and reach the people however, You do NOT need to go broke trying to figure out what your brand is. I know you are thinking, B.Michavery Don’t you help people with branding? Don’t you have business partners who do branding? Well the answer is Yes and NO. Yes I help make sense of other’s brands and yes I have acquaintances who put together strategies for brands BUT we do not create the brand for you. Truth is NO one does. I know that with  all the Branding Experts trending around the world, it can be confusing and often over whelming understanding what a brand is but I’ll make it a simple as I can. Ok…Here is Goes...What is a Brand? Wait for it…The answer is ….YOU.  What? Yes !! YOU are your brand. Truth is Your brand is developing WAY before you ever get a company, or a following, Your brand consists of your character, relationships and reputation, Continue reading “What All Entrepreneurs MUST Know About Branding………”

She is Just A Different Kind of Fashionista …My Muse: Blake Von D ….Blog Love Thursdays!

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What do you call a woman who has the boldness , integrity, enthusiasm, intelligence, beauty, unorthodox poise and a fashion sense so compelling it takes your breath away!….Well for me it took me a while to actually gather my thoughts.( Yes even i have moments of blankness 🙂 ! I call her my MUSE…. Im a very creative person, i love anything that compliments my  artistic expression and creative intuition! And Continue reading “She is Just A Different Kind of Fashionista …My Muse: Blake Von D ….Blog Love Thursdays!”

Young Jeezy Named Senior Vice President Of A&R At Atlantic

Young Jeezy Named Senior Vice President Of A&R At Atlantic

From the streets to the Boardroom. SVP of A&R at Atlantic Records I am. Let’s Get It!” is what Jeezy had to say in response to the rumors of his new accomplishment. So far, the Atlanta emcee hasn’t commented on how the new job will affect his recording career. His last album, “Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition,” was released last December.

This is GREAT news and should motivate you to know that with all hard work comes amazing results! No matter where you come from !! The only thing stopping you is you!!!..#B.Michavery

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The Tamar and Vince Show Debut Sept 20!……

ImageIn the premiere episode, we’re invited into Tamar and Vince’s industry-elite social circle and the inner workings of the entertainment world. It’s now or never for Tamar, who is very aware that this album could be her last chance to fulfill her quest of becoming an international pop star. The stakes are high for Tamar’s solo career to hit big and finally prove she’s much more than the former backup singer to older sister Toni Braxton. Her biggest challenge is her working relationship with Vince, fully revealed during their highly-charged recording sessions. Tamar is an unbridled artist who relentlessly seeks her husband’s professional guidance, while Vince is a no-nonsense music exec that refuses to bend to his wife’s every whim. Riding high off the success of “Braxton Family Values,” she’s also juggling nonstop industry appearances so she searches for the perfect assistant—a male version of herself—which is no small task with her never-compromising standards. Even when Tamar’s diva attitude gets the best of her, she shows that along with her big earrings and designer labels is a big heart.  ~WE tv

I cant wait to see this show! I know with tamar and her over the top sayings and personality and vince with this laid back yet matter of fact type of persona  this will be Pure Entertainment! Love her or hate her she is a must see! The series delves into how this dynamic and loving couple—who wed in 2008—handles the demands of everyday life in both business and personal matters. And while fans will get a taste of Tamar and Vince’s over-the-top lifestyle, with shopping sprees and G-IV private jets, their world isn’t all bubbly champagne and crystal chandeliers. Between dealing with her husband’s health issues, her stagnant music career, decorating their monstrous 12,000 sq ft Calabasas mansion and Vince’s beloved pet dog Miracle (who constantly barks and pees everywhere), Tamar has her hands full!

Dvr Ready!!! #B.Michavery/Founder/Ceo

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Sherman Hemsley’s Death Caused By Lung Cancer…..

Sherman Hemsley the actor famous for playing George Jefferson on “The Jeffersons” reportly died as a result of a cancerous mass on his lung this according to the El Paso County Texas Medical Examiner.Before his death it was reported that he was advised to receive chemo and radiation treatment.According to the Postmortem Report, obtained by TMZ, the primary cause of death is listed as “superior vena cava syndrome” a complication resulting from a mass on Sherman’s lung. The actor was found in his home last month In elpaso Tx, he was 74.Image

Snoop Dogg Changing His name to “Snoop Lion” & Religion to Rastafari?

 Snoop Dogg announced Monday that he’s burying his name and his rap  career,  because of a religious experience  he had with Rastafari, an Afrocentric religion with origins in Jamaica. Snoop wants to be called “Snoop Lion” plus  instead of rapping on his latest album now he’ll be singing reggae!

Now i know I’m not the only one who was SHOCKED when i heard this. But in a Good way!.. Maybe because I’m all about Artist and Reinventing Themselves, I know the importance of it because you have to be a a creative spirit in order to create new Music! So I’m Actually Pretty Excited about what this transformation will Be!…Plus…Being that Jamaicans LOVE ganja I’m sure the transformation wont be a totally difficult one! :)…J/K…..Now According to Snoop  “I want to bury Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion,” he said at a Monday press conference. “I didn’t know that until I went to the temple, where the high priest asked me what my name was, and I said, ‘Snoop Dogg.’ And he looked me in my eyes and said, ‘No more. You are the light; you are the lion.’ From that moment on,” Snoop said, “it’s like I had started to understand why I was there.”

Snoop  has a new single, “La la la,” and a documentary “Reincarnated,” which follows his recent trip to Jamaica and chronicles his conversion experience. It debuts at the Toronto Film Festival next month!

Now alittle about Rastafari.

The Rastafari movement began in Jamaica in 1930 and quickly spread.

“It’s an Afrocentric faith that… focuses on the return to Africa of its members,” says Richard Salter, a religious studies scholar from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in New York who studies the movement. “Sometimes that return is a return in body, actually going back to Ethiopia, and sometimes it’s more of a spiritual return.” Nathaniel Murrell, a religion professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, said the movement Rastafari grows out of the Judeo-Christian tradition and out of the colonial experience. He says Jamaicans oppressed by colonial overlords saw the new faith as a means of liberation. A key belief for Rastas is the notion of death to all white and black oppressors; the religion embodies a theological push for equality on all levels

Rastas believe in God and use the term Jah, shorthand for Jehovah, a name for God that is common in the Jewish scriptures. Many Rastas see Halie Selassie I – the longest serving emperor of Ethiopia, who died in the 1970s – as a Christ-like figure.Experts point to a wide diversity in the faith but say there are six key groups of Rastas, called mansions, that would be similar to denominations in other faiths. Rastas hate “isms” and “ians” because of the value they place on all individuals. As a result, Rastas prefer the term Rastafari as opposed to Rastafarian or Rastafarianism to describe the movement.

Noel Leo Erskine, a professor of theology and ethics at Emory University in Atlanta, says it’s nearly impossible to gauge how many people call themselves Rastas because there are no formal churches or membership structures and no hierarchy.

The most common outward expressions of Rastafari are Rastas’ dreadlocks, penchant for smoking marijuana and vegetarian diets.

Rastas read the Bible and several other religious texts, though because the movement is so diverse there is no single canon.

Lifestyle choices are important for Rastas. Allowing one’s hair to grow into long, matted dreadlocks serves as a reminder to practitioners that they have made a covenant to live naturally, Salter said.

Marijuana smoking is seen as sacramental to Rastas, who believe it brings clarity and strength (more on that below).

Another central practice is something called “reasoning.” Rastas get together and smoke and have a “reasoning” session in which they hash out important spiritual ideas.

The practice of vegetarianism comes from Rastas “ital lifestyle” short, for vital, and according to Salter is intended to promote life in all its forms.

Very Interesting…..Read More at http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2012/08/02/snopp-dogg-is-a-rasta-now-what-is-that-anyway/?iref=allsearch

Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson) Dead At Age 74; (1938 -2012)

,. One of the most successful and visible black actors of his time, Hemsley debuted on Norman Lear’s show, “All in the Family” in 1973. and then on the spinoff “The Jeffersons.” Best known for his strut as he walked…….:) he will be missed!

Passed away As confirmed by medical examiner , that he died of natural causes. Rip Mr. Hemsley.