Healthy Thursday!!! The how’s, Why’s and Benefits of Juicing!!# B.Brave

Healthy Thursday!!! The how's, Why's and Benefits of Juicing!!# B.Brave

So many people have asked me, B.Michavery How do you Juice? What is it all about? And where do i began? What are the benefits and for most women the question has been DO I LOSE WEIGHT? HaHA. So Brave stars here it goes, the low down on one of my favorite things in the world. JUICING!. So for beginners, here is how i began. Originally i was over weight, but of course in our culture being overweight to ME meant sexy to Them( them being the men) i had the hips, the butt, the chest and all, but i was sooooo unhappy!! Not only was my outer appearance not something i loved, but it made me feel yucky on the inside also Continue reading “Healthy Thursday!!! The how’s, Why’s and Benefits of Juicing!!# B.Brave”