B.MICHAVERYTAUGHTYOU  Audio Series!! This WEEKS TOPIC..........See Below!

Hey Brave Stars!!! So many of you have been tuned in to my weekly audio Series! #B.MichaveryTaughtYOU! I want to thank each and every one of you! Its well over 150!! I am extremely excited and humbled by the response. We are on Week 4 already and The response has been remarkable!

For those who are unfamiliar with what Im even talking about 🙂 . Its a class I started that’s Free for everyone who registered with me via email ! If you send me your email you can still get added to the list so you can receive the audio as well!+

I teach about everything from finding your purpose, living and walking in your purpose and basically owning who you are, while correcting your imperfections along the way. Basically a live version of my blog posts! 🙂 .Who knew so many people wanted to hear my voice! Continue reading “B.MICHAVERYTAUGHTYOU Audio Series!! This WEEKS TOPIC……….See Below!”

#B.MichaveryTaughtYou Audio Series, Week 2: ARE YOU READY FOR WHAT YOU SAY YOU WANT..Link Below


Hey GUY’s!! So I have been a little selfish. 🙂 BUT not intentionally. A couple of weeks ago i was working on my book and  going through tons of email’s and text from people who I have mentored and  currently mentoring, asking me about when my book will be released and will I be conducting any seminars or meet and greets in the future for some #SelfHelp assistance. And I thought it was so funny that people were really that interested in me giving advice. 🙂 I mean I know I’m pretty smart and all but HEY lol. No seriously it is really really humbling and i don’t take lightly that people are able to be inspired by my work and my words, But more importantly my actions! That is truly something! So i came up with the bright idea to record an audio series! Giving advice and weekly motivation for all of the people who are needing that extra boost! Continue reading “#B.MichaveryTaughtYou Audio Series, Week 2: ARE YOU READY FOR WHAT YOU SAY YOU WANT..Link Below”

Thursday’s Blog Love Day! This week’s Pick see below! :NATALIE JILL


Hey Guys!!! Ok so Yesterday was THURDAY’S BLOG LOVE DAY here at Officialtatoocampaign.com , however i didnt get a chance to post !!! So I am making sure i get it out to you all today. This weeks Blog Love is Dedicated to NATALIE  JILL of Natalie Jill Fitness http://nataliejillfitness.com/my-story/.

I can not express just how amazing this woman is ! I have been following her for a while and her story is non short of Incredible! She is a motivation to anyone facing, illness, uncertainty, financial issues, lack of inspiration and much more but are determined to make it through!. I am always the first one to speak about the importance of not allowing your stumbling Continue reading “Thursday’s Blog Love Day! This week’s Pick see below! :NATALIE JILL”

Thursday’s Blog Love Day!! …….This week’s Pick SEE BELOW!

Thursday's Blog Love Day!! .......This week's Pick SEE BELOW!

Hello Bravestars!!!

So Everyone knows how much I love to be around all things positive , and other encouraging individuals! Well I focus alot of my time on striving to be just as Encouraging. I know many times with so much negativity on the blog-sphere that it is almost UNCOMMON for fellow bloggers, well as i like to refer to us as ( Lifestyle Enthusiast’s) or Lifestyle Journalist’s to show each other Love. BUT that’s one of the ways i’m different, because Continue reading “Thursday’s Blog Love Day!! …….This week’s Pick SEE BELOW!”

It’s 2014, Resolution’s Set, BUT Now What?…….


I did My Vision Board, I have my Goals But what now…

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR BRAVESTARS!!! Hope each and everyone of you, had an amazing first start of the year! Many of you have your goals, had your mind set and you were ready to go! BUT then Next day came and its same routine. And your question is HOW DO I KICK INTO GEAR MY NEW YEAR, NEW ME? Trust me I know. how you feel. It is always easier to just fall back into your old routine and say to your self ” Ill do it tomorrow” “Ill work on that thing tomorrow” etc. BUT the thing is , how are you so arrogant to believe that you will have tomorrow? You know so many times we trick our self into believing that we will always have more time , when the truth is , you do not always have  more time. I am a firm believer in , What is for you, will be for you. No two people will ever have the same purpose or destiny nor the same journey to get there, however you can miss your season. And by missing your season you will miss the blessing’s and the lesson’s you were suppose to receive for that season, which would help you to get to your destination. Even with me knowing this i know , it is still some day’ s I JUST SIMPLY DO NOT FEEL LIKE DOING IT. Sometimes doing it , meaning walking in your purpose, following the steps needed to achieve those goals set for myself, but some days even MY motivation is low! Continue reading “It’s 2014, Resolution’s Set, BUT Now What?…….”



Ok so we all have those moments of Being excited and happy about this supernatural body you want, or your idea of what being “fit” is and you hit it hard the first couple days or even months, but then you gradually stop. And you get back into your routine habits of eating horrible, no working out, lack of sleep, little to no water intake, tons of drinking, partying and so forth so on. You look up and you are just miserable! Your body is totally out of shape, and your ready for a change, FINALLY for real this time. So what do you do! Continue reading “HOW DEDICATED ARE YOU TO BECOMING A HEALTHIER YOU?….HOW TO CREATE FITNESS GOAL’S AND STICK TO THEM!#B.BRAVE”



Beauty.Poise.Energetic.Bold.&Inspiring are only some of the words you can use when describing The amazingly beautiful Suanny Serpas, who is known to most as Official Suanny or for her Suannism’s (which are her words of wisdom, fitness tips and health advice she is known to post daily). Suanny is definitely a remarkable presence indeed Continue reading “B.MICHAVERY’S INNOVATOR TO WATCH: OFFICIAL SUANNY…#B.BRAVE”

Healthy Thursday!!! The how’s, Why’s and Benefits of Juicing!!# B.Brave

Healthy Thursday!!! The how's, Why's and Benefits of Juicing!!# B.Brave

So many people have asked me, B.Michavery How do you Juice? What is it all about? And where do i began? What are the benefits and for most women the question has been DO I LOSE WEIGHT? HaHA. So Brave stars here it goes, the low down on one of my favorite things in the world. JUICING!. So for beginners, here is how i began. Originally i was over weight, but of course in our culture being overweight to ME meant sexy to Them( them being the men) i had the hips, the butt, the chest and all, but i was sooooo unhappy!! Not only was my outer appearance not something i loved, but it made me feel yucky on the inside also Continue reading “Healthy Thursday!!! The how’s, Why’s and Benefits of Juicing!!# B.Brave”



The super talented, beautiful powerhouse vocalist, and amazing actress, has recently spoken out about her recent weightloss, her fitness regime and how losing weight has changed her life, with essence magazine, where she also speaks about her experience with Legendary Whitney Houston on the set of her final movie Sparkle, Her recent Success with latest Album “Better Days’ and her Gospel Favorites! Way to go Tamela! So often we as a culture of people forget how important being healthy really is, especially in a career where being bountiful is greatly encouraged, we seem to forget the affects it has on our bodies in the long term and for many short term. I too have adopted a more healthy eating regime mixed with excercise for over a year and it has done wonders for not only my body but my spirit and mental state as well!!

To read More about Tamela’s journey go to http://www.essence.com/2012/08/10/tamela-manns-best-days-and-memories-of-whitney/.

Run , Jump, or Walk, But whatever you do GET ACTIVE…B.Michavery’s thoughts

Run , Jump,  or Walk, But whatever you do GET ACTIVE...B.Michavery's thoughts

Hello Brave Stars!…I know , i know, when we think about working out , we think, hard, sweaty, miserable! Well i have news for you, becoming active has many more rewards than none!…With a society being so consumed with diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure amongst other things, its imperative that we get active and healthy! Notice i didn’t say skinny:). Its about being healthy whatever that means for your body frame. But most importantly its about whats going on in the inside. We consume WAY to much, salt, fatty foods, fast foods, breads, sweets, fried foods , sodas, &snacks! Not enough, vegetables , fruits and exercise. And i myself have been guilty of that as well. But recently Continue reading “Run , Jump, or Walk, But whatever you do GET ACTIVE…B.Michavery’s thoughts”