Beyonce ,Baby Blue Ivy, The Controversial Debate over Her Hair & The Message It REALLY Sends!




I have consciously not spoken publicly  about the above controversy or “Views” regarding what has now become the  “To HAVE” topic of discussion as of late, Because for one my opinion is a strong one, and as any time i speak i choose to speak from an authentic place, and two  I look at it in a totally diverse way when approaching.  I don’t have I what I like to call a ” Converting syndrome” which is the mentality that many unknowingly operate from. Its the mentality that once they “feel” view” or believe a certain way or thing, & once they share those, feelings, views or beliefs with other’s that the other person  should suddenly agree or believe it as well. And if they don’t, Well, it changes their perspective of the person and suddenly they are no longer able to coexist. Which you see so often, with religion, culture, social status etc. For example, let say you have a friend you have never had a discussion with about marriage. Now, YOUR belief is you should marry before children or marry before you live together, now unbeknownst to you, your friend doesn’t believe that marriage is the ultimate gratification for showing you love someone. Prior to this conversation you thought the world of this friend you felt this friend was the wisest person you knew, BUT once you Continue reading “Beyonce ,Baby Blue Ivy, The Controversial Debate over Her Hair & The Message It REALLY Sends!”



Yes!! Many like myself who are lovers of the very Diverse and eccletic Monae, are overly excited that our day is almost here! After a year of anticipation with her sold out shows, videos, musical performances both live and in studio, I am excited to say This album is fueling even more anticipation. With features from ,Solange, Miguel, Esmeralda Spalding , Erykah Badu and the legendary Prince!!! I cant wait!!!!! Check out the Tracklisting below!

Disc 1:
01. Suite IV Electric Overture
02. Givin Em What They Love (feat. Prince)
03. Q.U.E.E.N. (feat. Erykah Badu)
04. Electric Lady (feat. Solange)
05. Good Morning Midnight (Interlude)
06. PrimeTime (feat. Miguel)
07. We Were Rock & Roll
08. The Chrome Shoppe (Interlude)
09. Dance Apocalyptic
10. Look Into My Eyes
Disc 2:
11. Suite V Electric Overture
12. It’s Code
13. Ghetto Woman
14. Our Favorite Fugitive (Interlude)
15. Victory
16. Can’t Live Without Your Love
17. Sally Ride
18. Dorothy Dandridge Eyes (feat. Esperanza Spalding)
19. What An Experience

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Janelle Monae is Not an Artist But a Musician. #B.Brave

Janelle Monae is Not an Artist But a Musician. #B.BraveWhat do you get when you are in the presence of a bold, energetic, intelligent, beautiful trendsetting fearless uniformed woman who breaks barriers unapologetically musically >?….You Get Janelle Monae, who is such an inspiration to me and should be for so many other women and young ladies! She has not been conformed by the sexism or industry standards, Continue reading “Janelle Monae is Not an Artist But a Musician. #B.Brave”