Journey To Better Phase 2 Has ended: But Phase 3 Has begun!! Sept 1-31st find out how Phase 2 has helped me!


First I would like to say I have the best supporters ever! You guys are truly amazing and really make my heart smile! When I originally began this Journey to better challenge, it wasn’t for public as I previously stated, I didn’t even consider it a challenge, it was more of a detox because of everything I had been going through I needed change. This year marks year 2 of my journey to better & it has been completely liberating! People began asking how I lost weight and what I did because of the change they saw on the inside, but I honestly hadn’t been able to fully focus on the weight loss physically because I was so excited about what I was feeling inwardwise. Shortly after I was suddenly inspiring so many people to join me, only I hadn’t actually put any blue print together. So Journey to Better Phase 2 is just that. Its different things that helped me on my original journey that all contributed to overall success for me, mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically.

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Journey To Better Phase 2- Day 23- Key Factors That Determine If You Are Healthy Or NOT.


So we are on Day 23 of Phase 2 Journey to Better Challenge, and so far the main focus has been on Mental, Emotional,& Spiritual health. Reason being is so many focus on the outer results and miss the key elements resulting in yo yo dieting and not many results that last beyond the moment you are in. This journey is about sustaining lasting results, and this is only obtained when you work on the inside out. Releasing baggage that holds you captive. Once these things are dealt with you are able to stick to the goals you set and achieve the ultimate results. Now many are confused on what being healthy really means. Is it your size jeans, is it the size of your hips, bottom or chest. Not quite. being healthy is not based on your outer appearance alone. Although in most cases it is a clear indication of unhealthiness, what determines your overall health are the  maintenance of your inner self.  Below are some things to check and gain control over to ensure overall better health!

Journey To Better Phase 2- Day 6 : You Must Learn The Truth About Who You WERE, In Order To Embrace Who You Are.

history Journey to better is an amazing Series, Not only because you get to become better, stronger and more confident in your own life but also because through your transformation you will be able to inspire others to do the same. One thing I have learned from Phase 1 is that people are inspired by change, now that is whether positive or negative, good and bad , the fact remains people love change. However I also realized the just as many  are also afraid of it.. They Continue reading “Journey To Better Phase 2- Day 6 : You Must Learn The Truth About Who You WERE, In Order To Embrace Who You Are.”

Journey To Better Phase 2 : Day 2- Commit to YOURSELF!


I know, it seems like a very egotistical thing to do based on “normal” standards right? Well that whole thought process is all wrong! You see the reason we end up in horrible relationships, have horrible finances, indecisive when it comes to career choices, unhealthy mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, is because of failing to commit to YOURSELF. You have no idea what you like, Continue reading “Journey To Better Phase 2 : Day 2- Commit to YOURSELF!”

A letter to My lost Young Men…..#B.Brave

Strong. Weak. Incapable. Unintelligent  Hood. Ghetto. Bold. Protective. Dream chasers. Father. Son. Lover. Provider. Smart. Knowledgeable. Mean. Indecisive. Flirty. Religious. Womanizer. Abuser. Controlling. Loving. Warm hearted. Sensitive. Felon. Giver. Friend. Loyal. Betrayer. ……..Lost.

Dear My lost young Man. I hear your silent cries, while they are internal they still fall. I feel your pain, the feeling of being unaccepted, unguided, mislead, betrayed, still haunts you to this day. That smile you wear on your face everyday to hide the feelings of insecurity or inadequacy from others is so apparent to me. I understand you have no motivation, the ones who should empower you most have the ability to belittle you in ways you never new possible, yet they silence your concerns with a simple 3 words, I love you. The responsibility of being so strong , and untouchable, having no weak spots visible is what thrives you to keep up the pseud of “everything is ok” , while your barely maintaining mentally finding it hard to sustain through the many trials you face on a daily. Not to mention….The mother issues, the father issues or their lack of. The woman you have found yourself with only to realize Continue reading “A letter to My lost Young Men…..#B.Brave”