5 Simple Steps In Creating Your New Year FOREAL: Make 2014 Different……



I must say this year has been so incredible. I’ve learned so many things and i have changed in so many ways, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotional wise! I’ve learned a few lessons as well, and its hopefully some things that will assist you in starting your new year off as well!!! So many people assume just because it a new calendar year , that everything will miraculously change, and sad truth is , It wont. The true reason for change begins with SELF.  Sadly some are so consumed with old habits, traditions, thought processes and expired goals, unfulfilled relationships, broken finances etc.,that their NEW calendar year will be like previous years. Not because it has to be that way but because it’s easier to say “Easier said than Done” than to make the changes needed to actually create a NEW beginning. I guess they are hoping or expecting it to miraculously happen. New beginnings have potential of happening every single day you wake up, every Monday you dread and complain about, every Sunday you religiously go to church and go home and fall into the SAME routine, with little to NO change at all. Those are all missed opportunities for change that we neglect. Because we miss a Continue reading “5 Simple Steps In Creating Your New Year FOREAL: Make 2014 Different……”