TAMAR BRAXTON’S New Single …”All the way Home”!….#B.Brave

Tamar Braxton..Originally Known as just the Younger sister of Grammy award Winning SuperStar Toni Braxton, is doing a great job breaking out of her sister’s shadow. With Her first Debut album in year 2000, not getting the rave reviews it deserved, she has now proven just why the long awaited wait was worth it. 13Yrs after her intial debut, she then went on to join her sisters in a group titled the Braxton’s and when that didnt go as well as planned, Continue reading “TAMAR BRAXTON’S New Single …”All the way Home”!….#B.Brave”

Kanye West & His Foundation Donda”s House Partner’s w/ Chicago’s Ark Of St. Sabina to Form 10 Week Musical Program for Youth….For Free!#B.Brave

Kanye West has just reminded me why i love him so much!..Yes he is controversial, Yes he has no problem spazing out against the politics of the Industry and No he is not your typical follow the crowd type of Artist. Kanye is a Real Life Hip Hop Rock Star! His talent is incomparable when it comes to his ability to push the limit with his lyrical content, his marketing strategies, his ability to launch a fashion line and it sell out in minutes! Etc and So on! Kanye is amazing. A Genius in his own right! Period. And now to add to everything else , Kanye has chose to give back to his city in a major way and at NO cost to the youth who are lucky enough to gain the opportunity! Kanye West , co founded a foundation with His Protege’ Che “Rhymefest” Smith named Donda’s House, in the memory of His Mother the Late Dr. Donda West . Together Donda’s house and Continue reading “Kanye West & His Foundation Donda”s House Partner’s w/ Chicago’s Ark Of St. Sabina to Form 10 Week Musical Program for Youth….For Free!#B.Brave”

Willow Smith and Dj Fabrega Form Group: Melodic Chaotic

Willow Smith Who is the youngest  of Will and Jada Smith’s children  has debuted first installment of newly formed Group Melodic Chaotic, which consists of herself as Melodic and Dj Fabrega chaotic, song titled simply the Intro! And i will say this is such a breath of fresh air, This young lady is remarkable in her own lane and set her own standards regarding her music, her talent, her creative edge is amazing! She is definetly  setting the bar for artist these days, she is showing us all that regardless of age, it is ok to be yourself and express yourself through your art!..Creativeness at it’s Best!!..This isn’t the first song willow has released that has created such newness on music, her single I am me, won many hearts as well!…Click the link below  and take a listen! E.p was set to be released on May 20! Way to Go Willow!!! she is a certified Brave Star!!! Image

Is Hip Hop’s Authenticity Still Credible…B.Michavery’s thoughts

This is a very debate worthy topic, for some its a matter of negating what people’s views of “Hip Hop” are ,and for others it may be feeling that some where along the lines of new generations and new barriers that Hip Hip has become washed down and even Pop!. Well in no form am i negating what people feel towards the subject however i am pointing out some things i feel have tampered with the credibility Continue reading “Is Hip Hop’s Authenticity Still Credible…B.Michavery’s thoughts”

Elle Varner: Perfectly Imperfect: Released!

Elle Varner: Perfectly Imperfect: Released!

Anyone who knows me knows I love This woman! Her album definitely lived up to the Refill buzz along with her mixtape  Conversational Lush, a slogan in which i use in describing my addiction  to an amazing conversation often!..With songs like, Not tonight, I don’t care, what a night and much More She shows her versatility and her ability to hang with the best vocal wise!..Ms Varner Has definitely  made her mark!..Most definely worth your money!!! Go Cop It ! 🙂

Listen Here:http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/perfectly-imperfect/id542805342

Artist to watch!….Lianne La Havas…Dope Dope and MORE Dope!

Artist to watch!....Lianne La Havas...Dope Dope and MORE Dope!

Now anyone who knows me KNOWS i am a Connoisseur of amazing and innovative music! Yes im in the ‘Hip Hop” industry but i LOVR all things music, which ranges from r&b , country , hip hop (real Hip HOP), INDIE, rock, classical and on and on! So when i came across this young lady i was so excited! Its like a breath of fresh air, with her thick vocals, strong accent and musical talent, i knew she was something special!.The singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist just released her debut album, Is Your Love Big Enough this week in the UK. Known for her soulful folky sound, the 22 year-old has been making waves in the London scene since 2010. Citing her background for her eclectic musical influences (her mother is Jamaican and her father is Greek), she says she is inspired by an array of artists and musicians.

Now, with her official Warner Brothers debut, we can listen to what she has to offer and let’s just say it’s pretty amazing. Check out a couple of her recent music videos below and visit her official website: LIANNELAHAVAS.COM for more info!

R.I.P to a Dallas Pioneer In the Artist Movement… KUWN DALINI..Gone to Soon”UPDATED” FUNERAL ARRANGMENTS

R.I.P to a Dallas Pioneer In the Artist Movement... KUWN DALINI..Gone to Soon

Kuwn will be missed for more than just his ability and love for what he did in the industry , but for his compassion and effortless drive for breaking artist and One of the Few in this industry we all call “Entertainment” who cared for the artist he helped and the peoples lives he actually touched!. Not Only was Kuwn and T.a.t.o.o Campaign venturing on a joint business opportunity to help new and upcoming artist but we had countless discussions with him about bridging the gap in DALLAS. In his memory let keep his vision alive and continue on the movement he so wanted to become reality..#B.Michavery/Ceo/Founder

Our prayers are with his family, and we do respect the families privacy at this time.

 Wake and Funeral Arrangements for Jaimeian Kuwn Dalini” Pride. Wake: Friday – July 27 at Restland Funeral Home (13005 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75243) from 6pm-8pm. The Funeral will be Saturday – July 28 at Restland Funeral Home  at 3:30pm.

Former Hot Boy Rapper/B.G Sentenced to 14 Years Federal Prison

ImageB.G  was stopped by police in 2009 in Eastern New Orleans during a traffic stop. B.G, Demounde Pollard, 20 and Jerod Fedison, 30 were all stopped. Police found three guns,  loaded magazines,and later determined that the car had been stolen from an Alamo rental car parking lot. Pollard confessed to ownership of the guns, but police later determined that he’d done so at Dorsey’s request. When the state criminal case moved to federal court, Pollard and Fedison pleaded guilty, which opened up an avenue to charge Dorsey. The Cash Money rapper had confessed to the gun possession and obstruction charges, but refused to cooperate with police. Pollard took a plea deal and was sentenced to 30 months in prison and Fedison, whose rap sheet was longer, received a 20-year bid.

Check out http://rapfix.mtv.com/2012/07/19/bg-sentenced-14-years-federal-prison/> for more details.