New Audio Series- ” Morning Dose of Innergy” W/BMichavery-

Hello My Beautiful souls,
I’ve missed you! & I can tell by your emails to me I was missed as well! ­čÖé I have to tell you, I have been pretty busy with corporate america , non profit events & community back to school festivities with my partner organization┬áForOakCliff,┬á& let’s not add on the transitions in life in general! However, I have not stopped creating. This year has gone so quickly & soooo many amazing things have occurred in preparation for the closing of the decade ( 2020), so Ive been taking it all in, processing & allowing God to show me how or if i need to share. Its very important for me to practice what I preach in regards to self care, Inner work, self replenishing & foundation building so everything else must be in doses.
As many of you know, for a while now I have been really into my spiritual work, I’ve been a “Spiritual Coach” in many ways to many of you , in such a short time & the way I’ve been used as a vessel by God & his ordainment to help & assist you all to be better versions of yourselves, has been both rewarding and overwhelming at the same time. I am surprised by my own life & capabilities at times to be honest. Anyway, that leads me to say, many of you have asked me consistently is it possible to obtain more audio inspiration from me ( I guess the hour long twice a month talks arent quite getting it anymore ) Spoiled. lol. I love it though so this is what is to come….

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