Why KeKe Palmer’s New BET Talk Show “JUST KEKE” Is Very Necessary.



Many know KEKE Palmer as an Actress, singer and for those who know her personally or follow her on social media know that she is very vocal about her views, emotions and vulnerabilities as a woman. KeKe has been in the industry for years however she has always been the girl next door type of woman who you feel so comfortable with and are eager to hear what she has to say.  Recently she was given the opportunity that this generation has needed and never seen, we haven’t had a show even close to this since BET launched Teen Summit over 15 years ago. KeKe’s new show is a breath of fresh air, unbiased, honest conversations geared towards channeling the thoughts and experiences many young adults face on a daily. Making History as the Youngest African American woman to have her own talk show on a major network, she is definitely taking the world by storm and creating a platform for people to own their identity and create the life they truly desire. This show is a must see for all ethnicities, generations, and genders! Released on 06/30/2014 you can stay tuned weekdays 4pm on Bet!

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Re Release of Highly Anticipated Docu-Film ” REVEALED”: Embracing The inner you! Part 1


I am so excited to Announce the RE RELEASE of my Original Documentary released originally Last year ” Revealed“. This film really allowed me to dig deep and embrace the different yet very simular characteristics many of us face or have faced in life. This experience was truly one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever experienced, and I am so excited that the reviews had been incredible. Being featured on DOCUMENTARY TV, countless media outlets, and interviews surrounding the film made me realize that I am able to do incredible things by using my voice and sharing not only my struggles and how I overcame,  but also encouraging others to do the same.  In August Continue reading “Re Release of Highly Anticipated Docu-Film ” REVEALED”: Embracing The inner you! Part 1″

In spite of It All, I Chose Me


 In life you have a choice, either conform to who “THEY” want you to be, Or ” Create” Who you are destined to be. In writing my book, I can not lie It has been several moments of me feeling like UH OH HECK NAW! (  In my real Texas twang) lol. I don’t know if i want to say that, or should i really discuss this because Im sure people will be misinterpreting and coming up with their own reasoning about the “WHY’S, WHEN’S AND HOW’S OF MY LIFE” ) LOL. But I remembered back to when I needed to release things Continue reading “In spite of It All, I Chose Me”

Racism & Black America: What Donald Sterling’s “Private” conversations truly represent.


DONALDChris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin


I have been asked several times what is my opinion about the Donald Sterling and the recent controversy regarding his racist remarks etc. First let me say this , This post will not be about my feelings about his personal affairs, his wife, cheating or anything like that. This post will be about Facts, Agenda, and Honest opinion as an African American Woman. I am not prejudice towards any other race, nor do i judge people based on their race, culture or religious beliefs. I view people by their character and their intent. I have waiting to comment on this topic because my initial feelings where anger, then disgust. Very emotionally charged , and i knew that I didn’t want to post based on my emotional feelings alone. I wanted to report facts. While many blogs, post HOT TOPICS based on likes, clicks and views, Id rather post things that actually have a meaning and take my time Continue reading “Racism & Black America: What Donald Sterling’s “Private” conversations truly represent.”

Truth Is, You Really Are NOT Ready For What You Say You Deserve…….Listen Below….

wordgram_1390332535733 Click Here to Listen…..Are You ready for what you say you want?

Often Times we complain about things we say we deserve to be better in our lives, but the truth is ..YOU are not ready! The above audio is an exclusive listen to my weekly series class #B.MichaveryTaughtYou and it has taken off drastically! And as I am gearing up for my next installment , I wanted to give you all an opportunity to listen to one of my most requested  audio’s of the series! This was one of the favorites of the 3!!! I cant wait to get to the next one!!

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B.Michavery’s View on Chick-fil-A’s President Dan Cathy & His Opposition of Gay/Lesbian Marriage

ImageEveryone is Talking about the recent comments made by Chick-Fil-A President Dan Cathy’s In a Recent Interview on Radio Station. According to Dan his View is this ““We’re inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage. And I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude that thinks we have the audacity to redefine what marriage is all about.” Then he Spoke with another interviewer and said this in an article posted July 16  by the Baptist Press that he is “guilty as charged” and is very “supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit.” Now last year Dan did another interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution In January of last year, he said : “we’re not anti-anybody,” adding, “our mission is to create raving fans.” The company also issued a statement to the paper saying that ”while my family and I believe in the Biblical definition of marriage, we love and respect anyone who disagrees.”…When asked to interview With the Washington Press regarding his more recent statements  he responded ” Our Culture of the company is to treat every person with honor, dignity and respect – regardless of their belief, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender.” In addition, it said, “going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena”. Really? That should have been his initial Response.

B.MIchavery’s View:  Now i feel as a person you are free to speak how you feel about anything you feel a way about, whether i agree with your views or not, everyone is given a voice to speak. NOW when you are in a postion as a president of a major company it may not be the smartest thing to Negate a person based on their Sexual Preference, and expecially in such a public forum do to you are a representation of your company and this could  potentionally cause you to lose clients and or credibility as equal opportunity employer.I personally dont care who people marry or date, but i respect people and their  opinions on it. I do  feel as people we should respect people and their choices, and when we represent ourselves as  “Christians” We of the christian faith should know that by negating people and their life styles is a form of judgement, NO SIN is bigger than any other in Gods eyes, so No one is sin free, regardless to what your sin may be, i feel as people we are still living in the slavery mentality( not just blacks ) im speaking people in general,  separating people based on sexual preference  is no diffrent than  separating people based on color, religious beliefs etc! Now again he is free to discuss how he feels, but He should have been more selective in the platform he chose to voice it. #B.Michavery/Founder/Ceo



Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney addressed the 103rd NAACP Annual Convention on Wed., July 11, in Houston.

The former Massachusetts governor drew boos from the crowd as he pledged to get rid of “every non-essential expensive program I can find”, namely “Obamacare”, but also do a better job at helping blacks than President Barack Obama: “If you want a president who will make things better in the African American community, you’re looking at him.

Watch Video> http://youtu.be/VspxfjfQ6Zo”

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