Journey To Better Phase 2- Day 6 : You Must Learn The Truth About Who You WERE, In Order To Embrace Who You Are.

history Journey to better is an amazing Series, Not only because you get to become better, stronger and more confident in your own life but also because through your transformation you will be able to inspire others to do the same. One thing I have learned from Phase 1 is that people are inspired by change, now that is whether positive or negative, good and bad , the fact remains people love change. However I also realized the just as many  are also afraid of it.. They Continue reading “Journey To Better Phase 2- Day 6 : You Must Learn The Truth About Who You WERE, In Order To Embrace Who You Are.”

Why KeKe Palmer’s New BET Talk Show “JUST KEKE” Is Very Necessary.



Many know KEKE Palmer as an Actress, singer and for those who know her personally or follow her on social media know that she is very vocal about her views, emotions and vulnerabilities as a woman. KeKe has been in the industry for years however she has always been the girl next door type of woman who you feel so comfortable with and are eager to hear what she has to say.  Recently she was given the opportunity that this generation has needed and never seen, we haven’t had a show even close to this since BET launched Teen Summit over 15 years ago. KeKe’s new show is a breath of fresh air, unbiased, honest conversations geared towards channeling the thoughts and experiences many young adults face on a daily. Making History as the Youngest African American woman to have her own talk show on a major network, she is definitely taking the world by storm and creating a platform for people to own their identity and create the life they truly desire. This show is a must see for all ethnicities, generations, and genders! Released on 06/30/2014 you can stay tuned weekdays 4pm on Bet!

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Re Release of Highly Anticipated Docu-Film ” REVEALED”: Embracing The inner you! Part 1


I am so excited to Announce the RE RELEASE of my Original Documentary released originally Last year ” Revealed“. This film really allowed me to dig deep and embrace the different yet very simular characteristics many of us face or have faced in life. This experience was truly one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever experienced, and I am so excited that the reviews had been incredible. Being featured on DOCUMENTARY TV, countless media outlets, and interviews surrounding the film made me realize that I am able to do incredible things by using my voice and sharing not only my struggles and how I overcame,  but also encouraging others to do the same.  In August Continue reading “Re Release of Highly Anticipated Docu-Film ” REVEALED”: Embracing The inner you! Part 1″

Racism & Black America: What Donald Sterling’s “Private” conversations truly represent.


DONALDChris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin


I have been asked several times what is my opinion about the Donald Sterling and the recent controversy regarding his racist remarks etc. First let me say this , This post will not be about my feelings about his personal affairs, his wife, cheating or anything like that. This post will be about Facts, Agenda, and Honest opinion as an African American Woman. I am not prejudice towards any other race, nor do i judge people based on their race, culture or religious beliefs. I view people by their character and their intent. I have waiting to comment on this topic because my initial feelings where anger, then disgust. Very emotionally charged , and i knew that I didn’t want to post based on my emotional feelings alone. I wanted to report facts. While many blogs, post HOT TOPICS based on likes, clicks and views, Id rather post things that actually have a meaning and take my time Continue reading “Racism & Black America: What Donald Sterling’s “Private” conversations truly represent.”

#B.MichaveryTaughtYou Audio Series, Week 2: ARE YOU READY FOR WHAT YOU SAY YOU WANT..Link Below


Hey GUY’s!! So I have been a little selfish. 🙂 BUT not intentionally. A couple of weeks ago i was working on my book and  going through tons of email’s and text from people who I have mentored and  currently mentoring, asking me about when my book will be released and will I be conducting any seminars or meet and greets in the future for some #SelfHelp assistance. And I thought it was so funny that people were really that interested in me giving advice. 🙂 I mean I know I’m pretty smart and all but HEY lol. No seriously it is really really humbling and i don’t take lightly that people are able to be inspired by my work and my words, But more importantly my actions! That is truly something! So i came up with the bright idea to record an audio series! Giving advice and weekly motivation for all of the people who are needing that extra boost! Continue reading “#B.MichaveryTaughtYou Audio Series, Week 2: ARE YOU READY FOR WHAT YOU SAY YOU WANT..Link Below”

When does Artistic Vision become Blurred………

dasha-zhukova-black-woman-chair-miroslava-duma-buro-247-interviewChair by Allen Jones, 1969, which depicts a woman bent into the shape of furniture

 Miroslava Duma’s new online magazine Buro 247 published an article on Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova, that caused quite a stir over the weekend. It’s Not what the article consisted of that  was  so alarming to many, it was the fact of what it may or may not have consisted of or signified. Dasha who is the daughter of Russian Business man,  Entrepreneur and Oil  Magnate and Her mother is a Retired Russian Scientist who taught Molecular Biology, Interesting huh? Continue reading “When does Artistic Vision become Blurred………”



Now how surprising is it that racism is still very much evident in today’s world ? Not so much right? Expecially with the racial profiling many of us have all been a victim to in one way or another in our lives. whether its walking in a store and being followed by a worker who is of another culture or maybe even the same culture , who because of how you look, dress or even the color of your skin assumes you may still something or rob them so they keep close watch on you. I never understood why these store owners put stores in environments they are truly uncomfortable in, then look at you suspect for shopping there.! But anyway So recently Oprah visited Switzerland for the wedding of her good friend Legendary Rock and Roll superstar Tina Turner , and Continue reading “OPRAH’S RECENT BRUSH WITH RACISM AND THE HAND BAG SHE CAN’T AFFORD…..#B.BRAVE…..”

FAT & UGLY People are not worthy of wearing My Brand Say’s Ceo of Abercrombie & Futch ..B.Michavery’s thoughts

FAT & UGLY People are not worthy of wearing My Brand Say's Ceo of Abercrombie & Futch ..B.Michavery's thoughts

Not only is there prejudice and bullying in schools, workplace, your communities, &social media , but now we must contribute prejudice to the retail stores we shop at. According to Mike Jeffries CEO of Popular Brand Abercrombie &Fitch say’s “In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids,” “Candidly, we go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely. Those companies that are in trouble are trying to target everybody: young, old, fat, skinny. But then you become totally vanilla. You don’t alienate anybody, but you don’t excite anybody, either,”“That’s why we hire good-looking people in our stores. Because good-looking people attract other good-looking people, and we want to market to cool, good-looking people, “A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong.““Abercrombie is only interested in people with washboard stomachs who look like they’re about to jump on a surfboard”“People said we were cynical, that we were sexualizing little girls. But you know what? I still think those are cute underwear for little girls. And I think anybody who gets on a bandwagon about thongs for little girls is crazy. Just crazy! There’s so much craziness about sex in this country. It’s nuts! I can see getting upset about letting your girl hang out with a bunch of old pervs, but why would you let your girl hang out with a bunch of old pervs?”“I don’t want our core customers to see people who aren’t as hot as them wearing our clothing.”“I really don’t care what anyone other than our target customer thinks.”“I think that what we represent sexually is healthy. It’s playful. It’s not dark. It’s not degrading! And it’s not gay, and it’s not straight, and it’s not black, and it’s not white. It’s not about any labels. That would be cynical, and we’re not cynical! It’s all depicting this wonderful camaraderie, friendship, and playfulness that exist in this generation and, candidly, does not exist in the older generation.

Very interesting the perspective of prejudice and justification many retail and restaurant owners are taking to stand out. Excluding a person based on their size is no different then alienating someone based on their race, religion, or sexual preference , and the fact that they attempt to justify it as anything other than prejudice and discriminatory is pure ignorance. Its one thing to express your freedom of speech, however it is a very thin line that must be defined in order to practice that right. I hope that parents and other supporters see that it is more than not shopping at these locations, but also taking a stand and letting this retailers know we will not accept the injustice and discrimination of these corporations. Its one thing to speak out about obesity which is a huge issue in america as a whole. Why not use their business as a platform to engage the youth in more healthy lifestyles, conduct campaigns, giveaways, and commercials to increase the interest in people becoming more fit and healthy as a whole, It is NEVER acceptable to make people feel unworthy or not beautiful enough to wear your clothing or use your products. These corporations have marketing all wrong, and unless they are hurt business wise they will never realize the negative impact they have contributed to a society already filled with adversity and prejudice! Society has formed to a perspective of it no longer matters what your integrity represents, its now about what you look like and what their perception of Beauty is and how you don’t fit it .

Below one consumer took a stand, he searched goodwills, and gave away the clothing to the homeless in an effort to take a stand! Watch his compelling video by clicking the photo!.