BMichavery Presents: Dallas Ambition™ Interview W/ Brenda Austin, Founder and MasterMind behind Now & Zen Bodyworks!



Let me start by saying this, as women entrepreneurs  (some of which who juggle corporate careers) we find it extremely hard to balance self-care and our brand building. Children, relationships, desires and so much more,  often take priority while we slowly deteriorate internally, I am no different, but the beauty in it all is I found this jewel, unknowingly. This is way before I got into Yoga or anything meditation wise, I was forced to slow down.  Listen! No matter what you do in life the most important thing you can EVER do is take care of your health and body! So often we are so busy chasing dreams, raising kids, being wives, girlfriends, husbands, and whatever other title you hold, we fail to realize that our bodies react to stress in different ways.  I believe it was 2014/2015,  I called my doctor to set up an appointment for next week because I’d been having pressure in my chest that spread to my shoulder and even made me feel numb in my left finger. She told me to immediately go get checked not to wait because anything with your chest is IMPORTANT. So I did. The doctor said I’m surprised you aren’t screaming in agony from all this pressure. Stress had literally caused my muscle in my neck to become swollen and affect the muscles that are connected from my neck to my back and chest causing them to  hit a nerveconnected to my arm, which caused the numbness.  ( WAIT WHAT IN THE WORLD! ) All stress related,  she gave me options and suggested I get a massage and I called  Brenda, I figured she was good BUT I had no idea her spirit and tentativeness would be so soothing to my soul!  Continue reading “BMichavery Presents: Dallas Ambition™ Interview W/ Brenda Austin, Founder and MasterMind behind Now & Zen Bodyworks!”

Journey To Better Phase 2- Day 23- Key Factors That Determine If You Are Healthy Or NOT.


So we are on Day 23 of Phase 2 Journey to Better Challenge, and so far the main focus has been on Mental, Emotional,& Spiritual health. Reason being is so many focus on the outer results and miss the key elements resulting in yo yo dieting and not many results that last beyond the moment you are in. This journey is about sustaining lasting results, and this is only obtained when you work on the inside out. Releasing baggage that holds you captive. Once these things are dealt with you are able to stick to the goals you set and achieve the ultimate results. Now many are confused on what being healthy really means. Is it your size jeans, is it the size of your hips, bottom or chest. Not quite. being healthy is not based on your outer appearance alone. Although in most cases it is a clear indication of unhealthiness, what determines your overall health are the  maintenance of your inner self.  Below are some things to check and gain control over to ensure overall better health!

When is “What is Healthy Debatable”? She is The Biggest Loser’s Latest Success Story So Why The Controversy : Rachel Frederickson Speaks Out!

rachel-300You are TOO FAT, You are TOO SKINNY. You are UGLY. You are Anorexic, You Eat TOO MUCH…BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Those are a few of the things, people hear from critiques, and other’s who may even say they love you. And how does that resignate  to the person hearing it all …….YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. With every negative thing you hear about your appearance, it slowly but surely tears off little pieces of your self esteem. Suddenly all thing things you have probably already felt about yourself are maximized by people and to you it confirms what you have already felt. YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. You will never have that dream career, because most people in corporate who have high positions have to look the part right? In order to be a Model you must be a size 0 with no fat present at all in order to even be considered, only to be told YOU ARE TOO FAT. You will never have that sexy surfer Guy or that Tall dark and handsome super successful man or the incredibly beautiful woman because SHE WOULD NEVER SPEAK TO SOMEONE LIKE ME, IM NOT THEIR TYPE OR IM JUST SIMPLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Imagine all the times you have already beaten yourself up and now, at this very moment, the world suddenly has an opinion and confirms the very things that have destroyed you inwardly all this time.

Imagine the feeling  Rachel Frederickson felt as she joined the BIGGEST LOSER’S contest and fought so hard against her own fear& inward battles now in front of the entire world! Now not only do her feelings about her self become real Continue reading “When is “What is Healthy Debatable”? She is The Biggest Loser’s Latest Success Story So Why The Controversy : Rachel Frederickson Speaks Out!”

Hard Knocks show’s the emotional release of “Chad Ochocinco” On last Nights Episode on HBO.

Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said on Monday that cutting Chad Johnson wasn’t an easy decision to make.the second episode of “Hard Knocks” makes it look like it was somewhat of a struggle to deliver the news to Johnson. Regardless of his off the field struggles you cant deny his talent!..But there comes a time when you have to question if your talent is being overshadowed by other things, and when that happens it definetly affects more than yourself. And in those cases coaches etc must do whats best for the team in their eyes.
The HBO and NFL Films cameras were rolling when Johnson walked into Philbin’s office a day after he was arrested on Saturday night for domestic violence against Evelyn Lozada, who has since filed for divorce..
“It’s more about how you fit in, and how we fit in together, and where this thing is heading. Just don’t see it being where I thought it would be or what I hoped it would be,” said Philbin.
Chad released his first statement since the arrest on his website hours before the episode aired, apologizing and vowing to “continue to be positive and train hard for another opportunity in the NFL.”

Olympic Medalist Gabby Douglas Responds to Hair Critic’s” Are you Kidding, I just made History”

ImageOver the weekend A host of Media outlets and interviewers Got to catch up with Gabby and asked her how she felt about people who criticized her about her hair. I must say this is really typical in the African American Race especially when it comes to “Our” women!..Its very disturbing and embarrassing to say the least that the talk amongst many was not how this 16year old African American woman beat the odds against all the obstacles she was faced with and made history, but about how she could have done her hair differently. And further more it showed how ignorant people can be, anyone with any logic knows that being an athlete you sweat  so its not uncommon to wear your hair in a pony tail and a bun and its a must to keep it out of your face!…This is what Gabby had to say”

What’s wrong with my hair? I just simply gelled it back, put some clips it and put it in a bun.Are you kidding me? I just made history? And you’re focusing on my hair? I just want to say we’re all beautiful inside out. Nothing is going to change.”I don’t think people should be worried about that. We’re all champions and we’re all winners. I just say that it’s kind of, a stupid and crazy thought to think about my hair.’

#Tellem Gabby!

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Floyd Money Mayweather: Released From Jail:

ImageMayweather was released short of his 90-day sentence due to  Good behavior and recent jail overcrowding. Mayweather,  didn’t speak to reporters after leaving the Clark County Detention Center, where he was greeted by one of his daughters and rapper 50 Cent, among others. Mayweather, 35, went to jail  June 1 after Clark County Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa allowed him to delay his term to fight Miguel Cotto in a world super-welterweight title bout May 5 in Las Vegas.

Mayweather won the fight by unanimous decision,  43-0. Now we are just waiting  for that Pacquiau Fight! come on Floyd get back to training so we can make it happen!! 🙂 #B.Michavery