Nique’s Thoughts on “Women’s Intuition and Forms of Cheating”

 Segment of Intuition Speaks 

 “Women’s Intuition and Forms of Cheating”  


Hey dolls and gents and welcome to the first segment of “Intuition Speaks.” Let me introduce myself for those who don’t know. My name is Dominique “Nique” Dixon, and I’m the Executive Assistant to  the T.A.T.O.O. Campaign and the members of it. That is not the only thing I do though, but we will get to that a little later. Recently there has been a lot of coversation regarding these topics, well around me there has, and today I just decided to speak on it. Now to srart off because I know there going to be some eye rolling, wtf moments, and name calling. I want to make this clear…THIS IS MY POINT OF VIEW!!!! You can love it or hate because frankly I don’t care.

Now since introductions are over, here is how this will go:

(1)  Nique’s Thoughts on the above subjects. (This post)

(2) Q & A Nique’s & CWill’s Answers (Next post)


Let’s begin the conversation:


Woman’s Intution:


Let’s start off by figuring out wth is it. So I went to my trusted sidekick Mrs. Google (yes google is a woman, she needs too much to be a dude. Lol j/p) and the first thing that caught my eye was  this answer:

Actually I think its an old-fashioned way of belittling women’s intelligence, by suggesting that it comes from some mystical emotional place, rather than anywhere rational or from considered analysis of facts, as men’s knowledge does. It’s been reclaimed lately as just another way of saying “I feel it in my bones.” or “I’m sure of this, but I don’t have any basis for that. When the feeling is experienced by a woman. Of course, the same feeling could easily be experienced by a man. Usually all it means is that your basis for the belief is in your sub-concious, rather than something you’ve conciously thought out, which is why it seems to be correct so often.“ (if you didn’t know, yes a dude said it)

Hold on…I’m back, had to count to 10 for that one, but for the most part (meaning the end) it’s correct. A women’s intuition is on of the strongest things you can hold. Now I did say WOMAN and NOT girl. Now me I think mines is a little stonger because of my sign (#TeamPisces) and we already are inate to things of the sorts, but that’s just me being bias J. Now on the real tip it can truly be a blessing or a curse, and if you do have a feeling like something just isn’t adding up or is not right, communicate with your mate. If you still having that feeling afterwards then do like Madea said “keep asking questions.” You’ll get the answer you need to clear that feeling. Although you may not like it at the end.


Forms of Cheating:


Let’s get ready to rumble! Sorry I’m just totally in another world right now. Don’t know how I’m making it through this blog w/o throwing my laptop, but I’m doing it. Now to my knowledge and checking in with Ms. Google again I have come to the conclusion that there are (drum roll please)…5 forms of cheating. Hahaha you thought it was going to be some crazy number didn’t you? Don’t think anything about it because I did to. Anyways here they are:

  1. Opportunistic: occurs when a partner is in love and attached to a spouse, but succumbs to their sexual desire for someone else. Typically, this type of cheating is driven by situational circumstances or opportunity, risk-taking behavior, and alcohol or drug use.
    1. Obligatory: This type of infidelity is based on fear. Fear that resisting someone’s sexual advances will result in rejection. People may have feelings of sexual desire, love and attachment for a spouse, but still end up cheating because they have a strong need for approval. In addition, their need for approval can cause them to act in ways that are at odds with their other feelings. In other words, some people cheat, not because they want to cheat, but because they need the approval that comes along with a having the attention of others. (NO EXCUSES THOUGH)
    2. Romantic: This type of infidelity occurs when the cheater has very little emotional attachment to his/her spouse. They may be committed to their marriage and making it work but they long for an intimate, loving connection with a member of the opposite sex. More than likely their commitment to the marriage will prevent them from ever leaving their spouse. Romantic infidelity means pain for the other man/other woman and the cheating spouse.Rarely does it turn into a long-term, committed relationship. Marital problems have to be quite severe before a spouse will leave the marriage for another person.
    3. Conflicted Romantic: This type of infidelity occurs when people experience genuine love and sexual desire for more than one person at a time. Despite our idealistic notions of having only one true love, it is possible to experience intense romantic love for multiple people at the same time. While such situations are emotionally possible, they are very complicated and tend to create a lot of anxiety and stress. In this case, cheating spouses, in their attempt not to cause anyone harm, often end up hurting everyone. (HMMM)
    4. Commemorative: This type of infidelity occurs when people are in a committed relationship, but have no feelings for that person. There is no sexual desire, or love or attachment, only a sense of commitment keeps a couple together. These people justify cheating by telling themselves they have the right to look for what they are not getting in their present relationship.It is important, for the sake of appearances that the present relationship last. The cheater does not want to be viewed as a failure so they stay in an unhappy relationship and seek to fulfill their needs outside the relationship.

Very Interesting,  isn’t it? Now don’t get me wrong I don’t condone cheating in no way form or fashion, and I’m not making exuses for anyone. I’m just looking at it from a non bias person view point. Even though that is extremely hard at this point of time, but I do want to go on the record of saying the meaning to these forms of cheating are not mine, but they did have me open my eyes. Now as to why people cheat that is a whole different topic, and you going have to view that on our youtube channel webisode roundtable. I will let you know when it’s posted.


In Conclusion:

I hoped you enjoyed my first blog. I was so amped up about writing about these topics and I hope I didn’t bore you too much. If I did…IDGAD, don’t read next time. I decided to keptmy article PG since it was my first, but I wont promise you the same on the Q&A. Cwill  and myself have some answers that may blow your mind. I will be posting those tomorrow so check back, and stay tuned for more blog post from B.Michavery, Drastic, and yours truly. We’re REVAMPED and getting down to the bottom of so many taboo topics I mean that is what our campaign name is based off of…Talking About Things Others Oppose.







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