Why I Am Determined To Live EVERYDAY Like It Will Be My Last………..


Work Harder. Go faster. Be MORE successful. Get Married. Have children. Aim for wealth. Travel More. Forgive. Let Go. Follow Trends. Start a Business. Buy a House. Do this DO that. Blah Blah Blah. Those are some of the things we hear on a daily. I mean let’s be honest. It is indeed Motivating to see  people living their lives, chasing their dreams just trying to be GREAT. It is also even better when it’s YOU who is chasing them as well. However there comes a time when you have to ask yourself are you doing all of that because it’s who you really want to be, or better yet who you are really supposed to be, or are you just doing all those things because that’s what is expected by the people around you, society’s standards, Continue reading “Why I Am Determined To Live EVERYDAY Like It Will Be My Last………..”

1/2 of Group Kris Kross Member Chris Kelly Deceased Possible Drug OverDose….R.I.P…B.Michavery’s Thought’s

1/2 of Group Kris Kross Member Chris Kelly Deceased Possible Drug OverDose....R.I.P...B.Michavery's Thought's

It is a very Sad Day, realizing that yet another one of Our Childhood Stars has passed away, with speculation being caused by a possible Drug OverDose. According to The Assoiciated Press, Chris was found unresponsive Wedesday May 1, 2013 at around 5pm. According to Police report, Chris’s mother Donna took him home Continue reading “1/2 of Group Kris Kross Member Chris Kelly Deceased Possible Drug OverDose….R.I.P…B.Michavery’s Thought’s”

When Blogging Becomes a Platform for Hate and Cyber Abuse!….By B.Michavery

When Blogging Becomes a Platform for Hate and Cyber Abuse!....By B.Michavery

In a society where everything is controlled primarily by Social Media. At first it was only random people on twitter, facebook, instagram, or in the comment section of the youtube videos. Now it’s Actual Bloggers, who should be doing more informing of factual based news, whether it be in fashion, music, entertainment or cultural diversity. However lately almost every blog has the same stories, about the same artist, picking them apart, criticizing them, and their every move, doing everything in their power to be as hateful, and demeaning as possible. And i must say it is rather frustrating. I actually followed a couple of bloggers, some based in new York, Atlanta, &Washington D.C .But Not any More! I don’t really understand why its so important for every blog to talk about the same celebrities, every day, and its mostly negative talk, Then you have the commenters in the anonymous part of the blog Continue reading “When Blogging Becomes a Platform for Hate and Cyber Abuse!….By B.Michavery”

Being “Gay” in Politics: Nevada state Senator Kelvin Atkinson’s Brave Admittance..By B.Michavery

Being Brave has worked it’s way all the way to the Legislator. ” I have a Daughter. I’m Black. I’m Gay” Nevada State Sen. Kelvin Atkinson (Dem. North Las Vegas) Revealed Monday during a legislative debate over a measure to repeal the state’s gay marriage ban. During the debate, many argued that Gay marriage was partially reason that so many heterosexual marriages failed. Interesting seeing that the two have nothing to do with one of the other, why would a gay marriage affect a straight one if the straight one isn’t gay, if anything more heterosexual marriages should fight for their marriages as hard as homosexual’s have been fighting for the right to keep theirs!. After hearing their arguments Adkinson responded to their views by saying” If this hurts your marriage , then your marriage was in trouble in the first place”. True!..To put the failure of your marriage on something other than the fault of the two married is ridiculous!.. The measure passed the Senate by a 12-9 vote, 11 democrats and 1 republican voting in favor to lift ban in the Nevada constitution, if passed by the assembly who has a 27-15 Democratic advantage and both houses again in 2015, the repeal would then be put to voters in 2016.

Great! Amazing for people to stop focusing on who you choose to sleep with and just focus on what’s important! For more on Sen. Kelvin Atkinson of Nevada click link below:

Bravery In The N.B.A….Jason Collins The “Gay” Inspiration…By B.Michavery

I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay….Jason Collins, 12 Yr Veteran N.B.A Player.

Many will say so what, many will judge, many will applaud, many will be shocked, But one thing is for sure two words can be used to describe Jason Collins, Pure Bravery. While no he is NOT the only Gay athlete, he definitely is the first to admit with such masculinity, that yes, Tall, handsome, Black athletic talented Men can and or indeed Homosexual. While to many his coming out is very uncomfortable, you know, the ones who say i cant believe i played with him on the court, he was in my locker room, he saw me in my shorts, I wonder if he looked at me” Others are saying thank you , Now its my turn! Its amazing how no matter what your perception of homosexuality is , I’ve always viewed it as just being someone’s preference, who cares who you sleep with, It shouldn’t define that person’s character. For so many years, the prejudice regarding not only race, but sexual preference has been nothing short of modern day slavery. Slavery? You say, YES, for so long people have been condemned for loving who they love, and prevented from the same rights that every citizen should be awarded, and then for it to be justified as NOT ETHICAL or not upholding to whatever religious beliefs they have while also being labeled as the carriers and causes of the Deadly H.I.V /A.I.D.S epidemic is despicable! (As if to say, heterosexual people don’t have the same issues, and truth be told if we are wanting to condemn those who love the same gender, we should also condemn the heterosexual ones for being is jacked up relationships as well, But that’s a whole nother Post!) Not only have the L.G.B.T communities stood together to fight for their rights but also more are being brave enough to stand up and say , Im Gay, And i am not ashamed! I am Absolutely ecstatic that so many people in either, hip hop, athletics, television, and more are saying YOU will not hold us back anymore, we will not live up to your standards or perception and be told who to love! We are free Now Deal with it!! I LOVE IT!! Jason has shown amazing courage, and bravery, and his sexual preference does not take away from his talent, his achievements and whats in his future! Hats off Jason, You have just opened the door for others to come out as well, and also gives younger generation a new outlook on Leadership and success in the N.B.A , You said w/out words, don’t allow your preference to define you, Not only can you be the next Black President, But you can also be a Homosexual in The N.B.A as well!

To read More about Jason’s Story Click Link Below:


Who Says a Future Female Mogul can’t be Sexy With Her Clothes ON!!…#B.Brave

Every Girl Needs an amazing Team to Bring out the Even More amaziness(Not even a word) HaHA , in her!! Im Blessed to have a team of Amazing Visionaries! Love them To Pieces! My Celebrity stylist Ebony Tezeno, Celebrity Photographer Touch'e Of Touch'e Studio's and Celebrity M.u.a Joe, They are indeed all INCOMPARABLE! So Humble, Creative, Professional and truly bring out the best in me easily!! XoXo!#B.Brave
Every Girl Needs an amazing Team to Bring out the Even More amaziness(Not even a word) HaHA , in her!! Im Blessed to have a team of Amazing Visionaries! Love them To Pieces! My Celebrity stylist Ebony Tezeno, Celebrity Photographer Touch’e Of Touch’e Studio’s and Celebrity M.u.a Joe, They are indeed all INCOMPARABLE! So Humble, Creative, Professional and truly bring out the best in me easily!! XoXo!#B.Brave

B.Brave Stars ..You can Now Apply For Internships with #TeamT.a.t.o.o Virtually…See How!!Deadline 05/15/2013..

B.Brave Stars ..You can Now Apply For Internships with #TeamT.a.t.o.o Virtually...See How!!Deadline 05/15/2013..

Hello Brave Stars!! So yesterday i posted the information about The internships that are now available!! I must say overnight i have received some amazing submissions that I’m going through, However deadline doesn’t end until may 15! But i have made it even more easier for you…You can now submit with others around the world By clicking Our campaign Logo above this post or also below this post and it will take you directly to Our application! You can Submit your resume via video or fill it out manually! Isn’t that awesome! No longer do you have to type up anything and email it, you can type it and submit or just record a video as a resume!!Now There is ONE thing , after 48 hours of My posting the virtual Application will only be open to members of the Internship site! Which means only the already 12 million people who have a profile will be able to see my internship Opportunity!! Bummer i know! But it doesn’t have to be, Act now…Time is ticking!..You don’t want to miss this opportunity! What an amazing way to meet my candidates and supporters !!! I look forward to seeing you all soon!! Cyber Hugs! Xoxo!!


Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will!..B.Michavery’s Thoughts

Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will!..B.Michavery's Thoughts

How many visions have you ignored?, How many things have you allowed fear to hinder you from? Do you know how Amazing you are and the only person who doesn’t know it is YOU!..So many people want to achieve so many things in life but allow what others perceive as attainable to hold them from moving forward and achieving their Goals! What you invision for yourself is Possible you just have to set up some goals and actively work towards them everyday! I’m often asked How i have gotten where i am and what is the secret!..Honey child please!! There is no secret! I just know that my purpose is my purpose and i must follow on the path to get there if i want to be happy! So that is my advice to you! Stop making excuses for what you cant do and just do it! Nothing beats a failure but a try! So try and give it all you got and i know that without a shadow of a doubt you will be successful one way or the other, either on the same path or you will find your true purpose along the way! Either way you will be totally happy and pleased with the outcome of the journey! Don’t allow people to put their fears, failure or doubts on your spirits, Their loss is their loss and their fears are not yours!The only thing preventing you from success is you and your lack of ambition, belief and determination! Don’t worry about what people will say, they will talk either way, whether you do what they want you to do or whether you don’t! So you may as well let them talk because you followed your own path! Who wants to be miserable at someone else’s expense! NOT ME!:) And neither do you!So what if you don’t get it right the first time..One thing is for sure i NEVER listen to advice from people who have never failed at something, Because if they never failed it means they are NOT successful! No one gets it perfect on the first stride!Its the journey getting there that makes it all worth it…The Question isn’t can you , Its will you? And what are you doing in your life right now that you will be proud about Next year!? If NOTHING you have to change that immediately, I believe in you , but my belief in you is not enough, You have to believe in yourself!….Whether it’s writing that book, painting your room, re decorating, losing weight, applying for that new job, finishing school, learning a new language, studying a new religion, or whatever it is! JUST do it!! One thing that helped me is my love for creating vision boards.I will never forget when i had just left the music part of the industry i had so many things i wanted to do, it was like a whole new world and i had no idea where to start! so once i was given the vision, i created a vision board! I saw it everyday, and i didn’t rest until everything on that short term vision board was completed and i tell you this, it was the best thing i could have ever done for myself! Now i create new ones every 3 months, not only for goal achieving purposes but its so much fun and relaxing to actually sit and focus on your dreams for once, just take time out to focus on what you want out of life and how you will achieve it, Then don’t stop until its done!One thing is for sure if one person say;s “THEY CAN” and the other say’s “THEY CAN”T” both of them are right! You are what you think and what you think becomes your reality!

Vision board creation tips:

I’m in love with creating so i go ALL OUT when it comes to my vision board. It is filled with quotes, visions, goals, positive affirmations etc! There are different types of vision boards, spiritual growth ones, financial ones, fear overcoming ones , personal growth ones, business ones, relationship ones etc! I mean you can create any type of vision board you want! But a few key elements are important in any vision board See Below:

Clear vision: You cant not create a vision board if you don’t have a clear purpose! I mean what would be the point?

Goals of the vision timeline: When are you trying to accomplish this goal and what will you do to do it:

Pictures: i love going through magazines and cutting out photos of flowers, homes, etc, anything that has any direct influence to you achieving your goals and a direct reflection of the outcome !

Daily steps to achieve the goals what will be your daily routine going towards the goal.

And i love to have a LOUD COLORFUL poster board! Not a lil piece of white paper or boring creme color oh no!! I love colors , i love BIG beautiful things so its the first thing i see, well actually its the second thing i see, i have a Huge mural of new York city times square on my wall!!Right in front of my bed! Its huge, I’ve made my whole wall in my bedroom a vision wall! Pretty encouraging!

So there you have it Brave stars, a little motivation to get you up off your Booty and change your lives!!! And if you are already doing it, Great!! Keep going!!!!! I’m proud of you all for wanting to do it , now I’m ready to see results!! Don’t forget to send me emails &tweets of your progress! We are doing this together!! Cyber Hugs!!! Talk to you soon!/B.Michavery/Founder

Now repeat after me!!! I CAN DO THIS!!

Run , Jump, or Walk, But whatever you do GET ACTIVE…B.Michavery’s thoughts

Run , Jump,  or Walk, But whatever you do GET ACTIVE...B.Michavery's thoughts

Hello Brave Stars!…I know , i know, when we think about working out , we think, hard, sweaty, miserable! Well i have news for you, becoming active has many more rewards than none!…With a society being so consumed with diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure amongst other things, its imperative that we get active and healthy! Notice i didn’t say skinny:). Its about being healthy whatever that means for your body frame. But most importantly its about whats going on in the inside. We consume WAY to much, salt, fatty foods, fast foods, breads, sweets, fried foods , sodas, &snacks! Not enough, vegetables , fruits and exercise. And i myself have been guilty of that as well. But recently Continue reading “Run , Jump, or Walk, But whatever you do GET ACTIVE…B.Michavery’s thoughts”