A letter to My lost Young Men…..#B.Brave

Strong. Weak. Incapable. Unintelligent  Hood. Ghetto. Bold. Protective. Dream chasers. Father. Son. Lover. Provider. Smart. Knowledgeable. Mean. Indecisive. Flirty. Religious. Womanizer. Abuser. Controlling. Loving. Warm hearted. Sensitive. Felon. Giver. Friend. Loyal. Betrayer. ……..Lost.

Dear My lost young Man. I hear your silent cries, while they are internal they still fall. I feel your pain, the feeling of being unaccepted, unguided, mislead, betrayed, still haunts you to this day. That smile you wear on your face everyday to hide the feelings of insecurity or inadequacy from others is so apparent to me. I understand you have no motivation, the ones who should empower you most have the ability to belittle you in ways you never new possible, yet they silence your concerns with a simple 3 words, I love you. The responsibility of being so strong , and untouchable, having no weak spots visible is what thrives you to keep up the pseud of “everything is ok” , while your barely maintaining mentally finding it hard to sustain through the many trials you face on a daily. Not to mention….The mother issues, the father issues or their lack of. The woman you have found yourself with only to realize Continue reading “A letter to My lost Young Men…..#B.Brave”