It’s 2014, Resolution’s Set, BUT Now What?…….


I did My Vision Board, I have my Goals But what now…

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR BRAVESTARS!!! Hope each and everyone of you, had an amazing first start of the year! Many of you have your goals, had your mind set and you were ready to go! BUT then Next day came and its same routine. And your question is HOW DO I KICK INTO GEAR MY NEW YEAR, NEW ME? Trust me I know. how you feel. It is always easier to just fall back into your old routine and say to your self ” Ill do it tomorrow” “Ill work on that thing tomorrow” etc. BUT the thing is , how are you so arrogant to believe that you will have tomorrow? You know so many times we trick our self into believing that we will always have more time , when the truth is , you do not always have  more time. I am a firm believer in , What is for you, will be for you. No two people will ever have the same purpose or destiny nor the same journey to get there, however you can miss your season. And by missing your season you will miss the blessing’s and the lesson’s you were suppose to receive for that season, which would help you to get to your destination. Even with me knowing this i know , it is still some day’ s I JUST SIMPLY DO NOT FEEL LIKE DOING IT. Sometimes doing it , meaning walking in your purpose, following the steps needed to achieve those goals set for myself, but some days even MY motivation is low! Continue reading “It’s 2014, Resolution’s Set, BUT Now What?…….”