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At BMichavery The Brand we have been so amazed at the amount of support and excitement that has been surrounding our products and Upcoming releases. Were much is given even more is required, so it only makes sense that as our reach expands that we expand our team. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance to become great! And who know’s better than Our founder who has herself had to build every opportunity she has received, and of course with a few extra pushes from others. She knows how important it is to have a team of  hungry, strong, positive, diverse, Honest  and eager to learn individuals in your corner. Everything We are now enjoying from the writings,  films,  audio series, upcoming shirt line, & Highly anticipated Book is all Her. Its her hard work, dedication, and belief that even when every single Obstacle is against you and it looks like every door is shutting, belief in yourself and the refusal to give up is exactly what will Open the doors needed, and in return you do the same. So we at #TeamBMichavery are Ecstatic at today’s announcement! Although we have positions for all age groups, we are also opening our positions for ages 14& up. We know that the younger you are the less experience you may have and in return, no one will give you a chance. Well that’s the difference in Our Brand, We are the platform for that change. 🙂 See Below  !

Basic Qualifications: ( Any elaborations will be explained in the Questionnaire once we receive your Proposal and Schedule Interview. These are NON NEGOTIABLE qualifications that must be met prior to submitting for consideration.

Positions are considered Part time- W/ some being supplemental Income Capabilities. Positions Range from Paid, Volunteer & Community Service . If you are Hired, we do have opportunities where even paid employees are encouraged to attend community service events. Such as Crohns Disease awareness events, Speaking engagements ( where BMichavery Speaks, Teen Mentoring projects etc.) These Offers will be discussed and given advanced Notice to attend.

  • Dependable( If you are applying for a position that requires on site or event availability, must be available. If Hired will be given enough time to arrange transportation. If you are required on social media, it is imperative you are available and actively working.
  • Honest/Respectful
  • Trainable/Coachable– As with any opportunity there are times where coaching is needed and training is required. Please understand that in order for you to be trained you must be receptive to direction. Open communication is highly required. Training classes begin 08/01/14 and end 09/01. Which will be 2 hrs once a week with BMichavery & a trained Representative of the Brand. (Saturday). If you are out of state or city you are able to Conference in and training documents will be sent to you via email as well. The remaining 2 Weeks will be your Hands on. Meaning during this time you are actively working in the position you have trained for, to get you prepared. These training is unpaid. After You have successfully completed your training , you will then begin work as normal. Even Volunteer positions require training.
  • Hardworking
  • Self Motivator-Even though BMichavery will be actively hands on, she does alot of traveling, therefore there are times where she will have a Lead or Someone to Assist with the ability  to oversee and answer any questions.  However it is imperative that you are able to maintain the same work ethic as if she is right beside you. Consistency is Key.
  • Age Requirements are at this time-14 yrs and up- We will have volunteer positions available seasonally for age groups below 14yrs old in future.
  • Positive AttitudeNo Negative energy will be accepted.-We are a brand that is geared towards uplifting and encouraging people of all ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds and age groups. Diversity is a must. If you are not sure if you are diverse that is ok, Be open to being shown how the importance of diversity holds the key to your success.

Available Positions:

  • Lead Marketing Specialist– Must have Leadership Capabilities. Not necessarily experience. But Who you are must exude the ability to lead by example. This position requires you to over see Marketing Specialist Daily duties while either on location or Outside marketing Activities, in addition to your duties. ( No sales Involved)
  • Marketing Specialist– Duties include, On location Leads. You will obtain information from the potential Clients, that would open up a possible door to communication and building a repor with BMichavery The Brand and its Offerings. ( No sales involved).
  • Sr. Marketing Strategist– Your responsibilities are to look for an open door to possible Sponsorship’s, fundraisers, Investments etc. ( You bring in Profitable Opportunities). Paid engagements etc. ( Social Media) Or on Location.
  • Marketing Strategist– Your Position entails engaging with Followers, creating dialog, , Promotions, presale opportunities, upcoming events, appearances, contest entry, trivia etc.( Social Media) Or on Location.
  • Fundraising Organizer -Work with BMichavery & Team BMichavery on fundraising Opportunities and community efforts.
  • Inventory Specialist– Ensure orders for products are in progress and status of pending orders are processed.
  • Marketing Sales Specialist- Duties include, gaining clients and ensuring they receive products paid for accordingly.

Soon to Be available Positions

Peer Mediation Volunteer-

Event Coordinator

Appointment Scheduler

Travel Coordinator

More to be announced!

If you are interested in Applying for any of the available positions Please Email TeamBMichavery@Gmail.com with a letter Proposal explaining why you would want to be apart of Team BMichavery , How you would be an asset to the team and Contact information for follow up! 🙂 Someone from our team will contact you soon and advise of next steps. Keep in mind Training Starts 08/01/14!  Good Luck! 🙂

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