When Passion, Skill & PowerHouse Vocal Ability Join What Do You Get? : The Incomparable Alice Smith!

In a day in time, where true skill & talent is overshadowed by over-sexualized falsehoods of what TRUE music is, it is common to overlook gems. However this belle I couldn’t help but fall in love with immediately upon seeing her perform a year or so ago. Her voice is so powerful and i don’t mean just ordinary power vocals i mean I HAVE NEVER HEARD A VOICE LIKE THIS. EVER. Such control, & Passion with every single note. She never ceases to amaze me with what she can do with her voice, and ability to keep the audience in tune. She is not only a powerful singer but a beautiful woman as well. She reminds me of a 70’s singer, you know the type of singer that knew less was more on the stage, but when their mouth opened and they sung they owned the entire stage and captivated the audience with every single minute. She leaves you wanting more, its an emotional, electric, bold yet still sensual experience you just can not get enough of! AND IM IN LOVE!!!

Meet Grammy Nominated Artist Alice Smith:
Being raised between both Washington DC and Augusta Georgia, Continue reading “When Passion, Skill & PowerHouse Vocal Ability Join What Do You Get? : The Incomparable Alice Smith!”

Beyonce’s Exclusive Tour Photographer Yosra El-Essawy, Diagnosed with Cancer!: COURAGEOUS, BRAVE & INSPIRING #B.Brave

We have all seen the amazing photos Of The Queen B” on tour. Photos that showcase power, elegance, and all add a piece of humility to the superstar. Beyonce placed a ban on all photographers at her shows besides her own approved exclusive Tour Photographer London Native Yosra El-Essawy, then a wedding photographer auditioned for the opportunity and 5 days before the Mrs. Carter Show Tour Launches she receives the call…..You Got the Job! 31 yr old Yosra Continue reading “Beyonce’s Exclusive Tour Photographer Yosra El-Essawy, Diagnosed with Cancer!: COURAGEOUS, BRAVE & INSPIRING #B.Brave”


What do you get when you put together, 2 women who are eclectic , daring, sophisticated, groundbreaking, and talented? You get an Epic Record! Janelle has been an artist i have followed for a long time, because what has always stood out to me was her ability to NOT conform to what society thinks is acceptable for a woman to be, how she should dress, what she should sound like and what she should sing about. She has created a lane that separates the followers from the leaders and it is unmatched! With her upcoming album being released on Sept.10th, it comes to no surprise that the anticipation of the long awaited album is here!! The latest released song off of her Highly Anticipated Album Electric Lady is the title track featuring non other but the amazing Solange! Their voices blend so well!! This song is a must here!! Way to Go ladies for Setting trends, Breaking Barriers and proving that two equally powerful women from two different walks of life can join together in a forceful way to create something amazing!



As part of our Friday Music Picks I am ELATED to post about my Love!! Now BraveStars you all know or should know that I absolutely adore Chrisette Michele, her spirit is so freeing and Exudes a spiritual aurora that i cant not describe! Actually it was because of her that i decided to embark on the vegan lifestyle! No im not fully a vegan , im sort of a mix between vegan and vegatarian, but following her “journey to Better” has made me define my own . In her single Love wont leave me out, Chrisette speaks about how at one point she was so broken about love but discovered through self evaluation Love will always conquer. It will never forsake you when its in it’s purist form. In this video she is beautiful and sensual without trying! It definitely feels good to be in love with Love!! GREAT VIDEO!!! ..


Happy Friday Brave Stars!! I know today is gearing up to kick off your weekends so i decided to post music picks to help your day move faster! ­čÖé Im so excited about this because i LOVE music and fashion and so i cant contain myself when it comes to AMAZINGNESS!! ( Not even a word BUT hey!) lol. So to kick off our Official Music Pick Friday….Non Other than The amazing, incomparable Emeli Sande’! She is amazing! Her creativeness in songwriting and ability to touch the emotions and feelings in such a metaphoric way is impeccable, and today she has released her OFFICIAL music video to her Hit Single My Kind Of Love. This video is not your typical love story type of video either, she manages to create different scenarios of hurt, pain and abuse HOWEVER there is a twist…Somehow it all ends in love! YEP That’s right!! Trust me. She is definitely expressing her creative juices in this Music Video Directed By Sanji Senaka.


Hard Knocks show’s the emotional release of “Chad Ochocinco” On last Nights Episode on HBO.

Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said on Monday that cutting Chad Johnson wasn’t an easy decision to make.the second episode of “Hard Knocks” makes it look like it was somewhat of a struggle to deliver the news to Johnson. Regardless of his off the field struggles you cant deny his talent!..But there comes a time when you have to question if your talent is being overshadowed by other things, and when that happens it definetly affects more than yourself. And in those cases coaches etc must do whats best for the team in their eyes.
The HBO and NFL Films cameras were rolling when Johnson walked into Philbin’s office a day after he was arrested on Saturday night for domestic violence against Evelyn Lozada, who has since filed for divorce..
“It’s more about how you fit in, and how we fit in together, and where this thing is heading. Just don’t see it being where I thought it would be or what I hoped it would be,” said Philbin.
Chad released his first statement since the arrest on his website hours before the episode aired, apologizing and vowing to “continue to be positive and train hard for another opportunity in the NFL.”
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