Are you ready for what it is you say you want?……No REALLY READY?

OK, I can already feel the confidence (or the illusion of such) as you answer this question. I know so many of you are like …OK, what kind of dumb question is that? Of course I am ready to be happy, at peace, financially fluid , out of debt, done with school, at a place in life where it is all peaches , berries and maybe a little kale (notice i said a little kale because we know even though kale is good for you, the rough texture and bitter taste is an acquired one and not our favs of veggie choices if any, however since its necessary to have a balance with all the sweetness, we will take it…Same is equivalent to life and the not so pleasantries that can come with it)….Non the less YES I am ready! 

Truth is, when we get down to the nitty, gritty, funky truth about it, most of us are not truly at a place capacity wise (inner or outer), where we can truly say if what we claim to want today suddenly appears , it wouldn’t catch us at a not so prepared time. Which means obtaining said desire will most likely be the newest “curse” in our lives. We will either destroy it or it will destroy us, placing us 10 steps back from where we are aiming to be. This can be in relationships (many are wanting the epitome of a partner, yet still balancing or trying to balance a plethora of options, emotionally unavailable, carrying so many bags from previous partners, in between, past lives , lack effective communication skills, not willing to compromise, bend or allow someone in mentally etc. ( boo thang anonymous should be created for some of y’all, NO Tea or SHADE as the millennial’s say lol! No judgment from me, hell I too have had my share of options and enjoyed a plethora of such, had to rid old stale baggage, lacked willingness to compromise,communication (hard to believe I know) tolerance was super low & patience non existent! TRUST me I too have had to climb out of the inner pits of self inflicted emotional, mental HELL, chilllle…) but we aren’t talking about me…so mind ya business lol!)
Any way, back to my point at hand , you cant say you want a partner in a serious manner, and you are not truly at a place to receive them,  You cant expect to flourish in any part of your life be it career, life, relationships, finances, self, etc and you are not at a place to make room, nourish and invest time, energy, sacrifice, compromise & parts of who you thought you were to growth & necessary purge moments, to ensure its overall success. It just wont work and TRUST ME I know the struggle is real and for many its just something many are not willing to go through and that too is understandable, but if the latter is not you, you have to understand with desire comes some destruction. In order to make room for what you desire, you have to start at the most important phase of it all…..FOUNDATION OF SELF.
These next 2 segments ( part one and part 2) because YES I have a lot to say..per usual…judge me not or judge me, either way…you are being blessed with my wisdom light & ethereal magic, lets all shout AMEN, HALLELUJAH, ( OK focus, lol)…

You are about to tap into some foundation work, discovering what you want, more about who you are, how to connect and balance the realization of self, healing and discarding of old wounds, a lot of self exploration and seed sowing, so breathe, relax and let me do my thing in you. You wont be disappointed, as if y’all don’t know that already! (Yes I’ve read y’all’s emails and feedback, you keep me laughing, crying & wanting to give y’all more and more!) Sounds like a relationship huh lol) well I am thankful, grateful and super happy that you are receiving so much from this series. I may not be able to respond to each of you but know, I feel you & i will continue to pour into you.

Part One: Are you ready for what  it is you say you want? I talk about why I’m a week late sending this, I speak & I give you a little insight of what my “Inner Sessions” one of one are about. PLUS an introduction to the Good stuff in Part 2.

Love y`all for real…….
XoXO~ BMichavery


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