“Intuition Speaks” Who is Your Trayvon Martin? ” Fight Continues” #B.Michavery

When the death of Trayvon occurred so many People showed up to rally and protest, as well as dedicate songs , videos, poems, commercials etc in his honor… And don’t get me wrong it was all an amazing gesture. It was amazing to see how many people really could and would come together for a cause to fight for a person’s justice whom they never met, but yet felt connected through this tragedy. Months after Trayvon Martins death….so many have NOT continued on the fight they began when it first happened and it makes me question how authentic their dedication to really making a difference really was!. I mean lets be honest most people did it for show, the same people holding candlelight’s and memorial services for trayvon who lived states away hadn’t even taken the time to address the crime in their own neighborhoods. The same people who dedicated post on facebook , twitter, instagram and other social media sites, hadn’t even went next door or down the street and showed their support or condolences  to the mother/grandmother/cousin/sister/friend /daughter or son who had just lost their loved one  as well to a senseless crime in their OWN CITY, But yet were so active in the fight for Trayvon. NOW let me be clear, It was and still is  a horrible tragedy that occurred and my heart continues to go out to the family of Trayvon, However we have to know that the fight doesn’t END there, it is a continued battle in our streets, in our neighborhoods even within our own families!.. What are we as a community of people doing to bring awareness and prevent these things from occurring in our own neighborhoods? …Doesn’t this make you a hypocrite? Where is your hoodie, skittles and tea for them?…#B.Michavery

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