What do you get when you Put the B.Michavery Brand with The extraordinary Shanel Cooper Sykes Brand……RESULTS!!!…..Shanel is an extraordinary woman who is passionate about helping women become the very best they are capable of being regardless how uncomfortable the transition. B.Michavery is passionate about creating the foundation that is unbreakable bold and diverse! Together we are promoting a developed boot camp created by Shanel to bring insight on how to actual make your dreams a successful reality!…Tired of being the Broke , broken, struggling and an unhappy Entrepreneur? Tired of giving your brand away for free? Or to individuals who will Not in a MILLION years be able to afford what you offer?….Here is your Opportunity!. Trust me ….Shanel has been my mentor and many others for a very long time! She has an incredible story and has a proven track record!…I would not be who i am today if God Had not put her in my life…And now here is your opportunity! I get tons of emails, inboxes on facebook, twitter, and phone calls, about my brand and how i did it, how i started and what keeps me going, Surprisingly people assume it was all overnight and easy!..And as amazing as that would be if it were true ….It’s NOT! I have been that broke, busted and disgusted beginner entrepreneur who was angry cause i spent to much time , money and effort helping people who would only support if it was free, didnt require any action from them, or if it involved getting drunk, high, fighting or some type of ratchetness!…But the truth is when you elevate and you begin to grow as a person, and a business , so should your surroundings and the people who you interact with both business wise and personal. You begin to attract a different caliber of clientele. And when that happens the opportunities and Finances Will flow!

Not familiar with Shanel, Dont worry Brave stars Listen up: Shanel Cooper-Sykes is an author, speaker and entrepreneur. She has an audience of 100,000 women across the world and has been featured in ESSENCE MAGAZINE, and has been well received by celebrities Kimora Lee Simmons, Russell Simmons and notable motivational speakers Les Brown, Simon T. Bailey and man, many more. She already has over 1 million views on YouTube, over 50,000 fans on facebook so she knows her stuff! But most importantly she has changed my life! I would not be in the position so respected today if it were not for her. ..I know some of you STILL wont be impressed, and that’s fine, truth is some opportunities are not meant for everyone! Many will continue to be stagnate in their growth as a Entrepreneur…Not because they wont take this opportunity..BUT because they NEVER take ANY GREAT opportunities, out of fear, inability or just plain laziness.. they continue to try to impress friends( which by the way wont pay for their services), and other people who could care less about your brand..BUT i know you will , YOU ARE a BRAVE STAR and you are all about changing for the better in a bold and amazing way right?….Trust me, you have tried everything else, NOW try this, it just may change your life!#B.Michavery/TheBrand

Click the photo for Info on how to sign up!!WE ARE WAITING…….#B.Michavery/B.Brave

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