Beyonce ,Baby Blue Ivy, The Controversial Debate over Her Hair & The Message It REALLY Sends!




I have consciously not spoken publicly  about the above controversy or “Views” regarding what has now become the  “To HAVE” topic of discussion as of late, Because for one my opinion is a strong one, and as any time i speak i choose to speak from an authentic place, and two  I look at it in a totally diverse way when approaching.  I don’t have I what I like to call a ” Converting syndrome” which is the mentality that many unknowingly operate from. Its the mentality that once they “feel” view” or believe a certain way or thing, & once they share those, feelings, views or beliefs with other’s that the other person  should suddenly agree or believe it as well. And if they don’t, Well, it changes their perspective of the person and suddenly they are no longer able to coexist. Which you see so often, with religion, culture, social status etc. For example, let say you have a friend you have never had a discussion with about marriage. Now, YOUR belief is you should marry before children or marry before you live together, now unbeknownst to you, your friend doesn’t believe that marriage is the ultimate gratification for showing you love someone. Prior to this conversation you thought the world of this friend you felt this friend was the wisest person you knew, BUT once you

have an in-depth conversation about the above , you begin to separate yourself both knowing and unknowingly, because in your mind, they represent everything you don’t believe in and suddenly who they were to you prior becomes  irrelevant. That is until they say, you know what you are right I agree with you. Then You feel gratified and justified in you being “Right” and now you can be friends again, The need and desire to be RIGHT becomes much more fulfilling that accepting that they could be too. That is only one example of the state of mental “Convertism”. It is definitely what is wrong with our society. If we only were able to coexist with a true spirit of the entity oppose to the body, beliefs and views it is shaped around, we would be better off. Co existing is the door to truly living a open fulfilled life.

Beyonce! We all know that she is a beautiful, bold, innovative barrier breaking mega star. The clothes, the vacations, the makeup, the HAIR. It all is what we associate with BEYONCE. I mean, many desire to have her life, her husband, her body and her wealth, and they even envy her because of all of that as well. Its sort of like she is not a human. I mean we know she is but, come on, she is untouchable right? We as a society have built her up onto this pedestal only to pick and tear her down, piece by piece. No privacy. I mean why does she need that, she is in the public eye so , her life  and everything in it is our business. What she eats, or not, what problems she has in her marriage, her insecurities, her mistakes or the things WE think are mistakes, and we silently wait for the next time to say AHHH HA!  I knew she couldnt sing, she missed that note,  I knew she wasn’t really that toned she has cellulite, blah blah and on and on. And then its justified by, Well she is in the public eye, she has money, it comes with the territory. As if some how, chasing your dreams, living life on your terms, and succeeding at it , is attainable yet it comes with punishment. Its as if thats the price she pays for US buying her music, going to her shows, purchasing her magazine covers, clothes, etc. We feel as if we are entitled to her and every piece of her , Including her CHILD. As a society we are definetly OFF course, and the greatest representation of hipocites, bigotry and do as i say not as i do at it’s best. Human Kind, is NOT an accurate title of  us as a human race.  I get it, we have this perception that with success comes alot to expect, you owe somethings to your fans, this is true in a sense. They owe you their ART. Yet when they share their feelings, views, perspectives through it, be it lyrical, painting, wardrobe etc, we pick it apart and judge it , we tell them they can NOT share what they feel cause it offends us. It makes us uncomfortable, but we missed the entire point. ITS THEIR ART! THEIR GIFT. Their  only job is to share it. If you don’t life it , don’t listen to it,dont purchase it, its that simple. We have too much time spent on trying to force our position and views and “feelings” on everyone, then in return when they respond, we play the victim role’s. We say BUT wait YOU OWE US THAT because its because of US you are where you are. Millions of many God’s I see. Truth is the people who are the most critical  many do not even support you. They haven’t bought a real album, went to a concert, bought a magazine or listened to any interview in so long, that their true opinion of who you are is obsolete because they have not engaged in what you do enough to know you. But as an adult, we seem to  mask things rather differently. However when you bring a person’s child into play, that has taken it too far. As of recent their has been a petition filed to FORCE beyonce to comb her child’s hair. I  was floored. I honestly thought it was a joke. Until i saw the petition. I didn’t know if i was even more frustrated at a petition could have been created of this sort, or that people actually signed it.  IGNORANCE, DISRESPECTFUL, MINDLESS, ,INCOMPETENT,  individuals who otherwise do not stand for anything, have a voice about anything worth  hearing signed a petition about a child s hair. WOW. Where do we as a society, say enough is enough. This baby is 2 yrs old. Her hair is thick, full and very curly kinky pattern. Now as a society of an African american culture, who has become so PRO BLACK and getting back to OUR NATURAL ESSENCE of NATURAL HAIR, I am seeing a lot of contradictory. Why is it ok for adults to walk around with KINKY, un combed hair, and call it AFRICAN PRIDE, yet a child who hasn’t yet even come into her full natural essence be critically judged by her’s.  And we as adults think its ok. You are angry because you don’t like how her hair looks, yet we push the be yourself, you are not your hair, be you campaigns of life, but in all honestly it is , be you, be yourself, be natural, when it is trendy, when we like it, or when we accept it. She should put bows in the baby s hair because, WE as a society say that’s what little girls should have, put ponytails because WE as a society say that is what we should have, relax her hair because that is what WE say one should have. It is crazy, ridiculous and disheartening for any parent, celebrity or NOT to have to face scrutiny by a culture for not  how they raise their child at the core, but how their hair looks. I guess its more appealing if her hair was done to “societies standards” but not well cultured, not in the best schools, grew up with no stability dad not home, abused or neglected. I mean besides we are not concerned for facts being her Well being but on the outer alone. We have become obsessive with media, and how we tear each other down and sadly our children are not safe. Its unfortunate and eventually as we grow and reap from the seeds sown we will be able to understand why the cruelty of our acts  are causing a genocide amongst society and generations to come  internally and externally.

What does the controversy REALLY SAY?        

  • That we as a society are more eager to join together to fight meaningless fights about outer appearance oppose to those that really make our generations better
  • That truly doing what YOU feel is best should be approved by societies standards to avoid being ostracized by public opinion
  • we have too much time on our hands
  • its teaching our children that appearance matters most, regardless to what and who you are character wise-LOOKING the part is always more important
  • That money and fame strips away your ability to be human-the more money you make the more Your feelings, personal life, children and lively hood no longer belong to you
  • Its ok to feel beautiful as long as society can characterize what beauty is.
  • Just how insensitive, inconsiderate, disrespectful and invasive we are
  • that we should be ashamed of being ourselves in our natural essence unless its trending
  • That we must raise our children with tough skin, because society is cruel and until they have to tolerate the hatred they give they will never understand the affects it has on a person’s life.

This is enough. Its really incredibly disappointing that bloggers, writers, and other media outlets have scooped so low as to supporting this foolishness.   We have got to do better.


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